One size does NOT fit all…

The Breitling line consists of watches in all different shapes and sizes.  One of the things I like the most about the Breitling brand is how extensive its collection is.  If you want a Breitling watch with a specific case size and a certain dial color, chances are that it exists.  The case sizes of their men’s timepieces have a range of 11mm, much larger than that of most other quality watch brands.  The SuperOcean Heritage is available in a 38mm case size, while the Super Avenger and numerous Breitling for Bentley models have a whopping 48mm or 49mm case size.  Meanwhile, there are of course plenty of Breitling models with case sizes in between these two broad ends of the spectrum.

I am fairly confident that no one has a wrist size that enables them to wear both a 38mm watch and a 48mm or 49mm watch without one standing out and looking unnatural.  With Breitling watches, or any watch for that matter, one case size does not fit all.  For instance, I do not think I could go bigger than a 45mm watch without it looking like a hockey puck on my wrist.  I would be forced to wear anything bigger than 45mm around my neck like Flavor Flav does….

Below are pictures of two different wrists wearing three watches with different case sizes.  Unfortunately, I was unable to locate a 38mm Superocean Heritage, but the watches still range from 41.1mm to 48mm.  The watches are the 41.1mm Colt Automatic, the  46mm SuperOcean Heritage Chronograph, and the 43.5mm Chronomat B01.  Pictured above is the 48.4mm Super Avenger.

As you can see through these pictures, some work and some do not. 

What is the perfect case size for you?


8 thoughts on “One size does NOT fit all…

  1. I actually have an older Chronomat with a 39 mm case and I just purchased a Super Avenger with a 48 mm case. I have a fairly large wrist. It is definitely large enough to support the SA. I don’t like to wear a watch that large and flashy for every day use though. My Chronomat gets worn during the week and the SA is my weekend watch.

    • Hi what color dial did you buy the super avenger, I am looking for one with white face do you know where can I buy for the best price?

      Let me know thanks.

  2. My Colt is 40.5mm and that feels very comfortable. I also wear a Panerai 112 which doesn’t feel that big. I like the Steelfish at 44mm in the breitling range but it seems to wear smaller than 44. I’ve tried the Avenger, Super Avenger, and 6.75 on and they all look way too big on me. 44mm is about as big as I would go.

  3. The article that George posted above is the exact reason I purchased the Avenger over the Super Avenger. I tried the Super Avenger on at my local AD and it looked ridiculous. I purchased the Avenger directly from George and it was a perfect fit!

  4. The Colt on the left of the picture is a Colt II SuperQuartz, not an automatic. I know, I own one. The Colt II automatic does not have Arabic numerals and has the word “AUTOMATIC” on the dial. The SuperQuartz has only “CHRONOMETRE,” no mention of quartz. The Colt II SQ is the bottom of the line Breitling, but is a very nice watch. The only problem is that it is way too heavy. It seems that users like big and heavy or, at least, heavy watches. Breitling is answering this perceived demand by producing ever larger and heavier watches. The old Colt was a wonderfully comfortable watch to wear. The old Pro bracelet was also much more comfortable than the new Pro 2. The links of the Pro 1 had no sharp edges and were easy on your skin and your shirts. But again, it seems that users demand big, heavy and sharp-edged watches and bracelets.

    • You are right. The Colt on the left of the picture is indeed the Colt Quartz model as opposed to the Colt Automatic. I had both models handy when I made this post and must have grabbed the quartz version obviously. I appreciate your attention to detail! I dig it! If you look closely, the pictures seem to be taken exactly an hour apart from one another…to the second!

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