Breitling Globetrotters

One of the coolest features a watch can have is the GMT function.  There are twenty-four different time zones across the globe, and they are all intertwined.  Each and every day, millions of people are traveling and working between different time zones.  It is extremely convenient for these people to know what time it is in other parts of the world in addition to the time in their current location.  For this reason, Breitling, as well as many other brands, have travel-time watches that display multiple time zones simultaneously.

In my eyes, the two most popular Breilting GMT models are the Navitimer World and the Bentley GMT.  The Navitimer World has a 46mm case size and the second time zone displayed in military time around the interior of the bezel.  It has the classy, pilot look that is signature to Breitling.  The Bentley GMT, launched in 2008, has more of a sporty look and has all twenty-four of the world’s time zones listed around the interior of the bezel.  It is 49mm and has a much sportier look that is typical of the Breitling for Bentley models.  If you have yet to see the new Bentley GMT Midnight Carbon watch, I recommend you do so immediately because it is ridiculously cool looking.

I am not sure whether I have a big enough wrist to rock either of these two models, but I would have a hard time choosing between the two; both are hot.  I think Breitling collectors would be fairly split when asked which travel-time watch they prefer.

Which one do you dig more?


4 thoughts on “Breitling Globetrotters

  1. I think I would prefer the Navitimer, simply because of its’ classic look. As a vintage Breitling collector I seem favour the earlier look. Cheers to all.

    • The Navi World really is sharp. It is one of my favorite Breitlings. What vintage Breitlings do you own? You should post them to the site as I am sure many people would love to see them in addition to myself. I was going through Breitling The Book yesterday and saw the Breitling Unitime from 1951. It is an awesome travel-time watch! I love the old-school look to it. I will post some pictures of it soon for those who have not seen it.

  2. The bezel on the Bentley GMtT is too wide for me. If I had to pick, it would be the Navi World but I’d still take my Colt GMT over both of them. I’ll never use a slide rule so there’s no need for that.

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