Back in Black

A fad in the watch industry that has really caught on over the last couple of years has been black steel or PVD-coated watches.  Brands such as Hublot, Bell & Ross and Blancpain for example have all experienced great success with the Big Bang All Black, the Phantom and the Fifty Fathoms Dark Knight respectively.  Breitling, meanwhile, has also been successful throughout the black steel craze by launching several PVD-coated pieces of their own.

In recent years, Breitling sold out of the Blacksteel Avenger Skyland, limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide, and the Blacksteel Super Avenger, limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide.  A couple months ago, at Baselworld 2010, Breitling decided to come out with two more limited edition black steel pieces with the Blacksteel Blackbird and the Blacksteel Avenger Seawolf Chronograph.

The fact that Breitling decided to come out with two black steel models this year leads me to believe they are confident the passion for black steel watches is still alive and well. While the main Breitling story out of Baselworld 2009 was the launch of their first in-house movement in the Chronomat B01, the new Breitling releases from this year seem to be focused around new versions of watches already in production, aside from the Galactic line.

Will the Breitling black steel craze go on for as long as Breitling wants it to, or will it eventually slow down in favor of other models?


3 thoughts on “Back in Black

  1. The black watch craze has been a good run… everyone wants one and all the companies are making them. I picked up a Torgoen T16 for a fun black watch… they don’t get much bigger…. still like the classic look of my Chrono-matic 24H ; sporty with an elegant brushed silver case and band.
    Now I am looking for a great model to wear with Summer beige … maybe a striking white face like the Breitling Montbrillant or the gorgeous Breitling ChronoMatic 49 with the bronze face ….Is there no end to this fun??

  2. I personally think it’s a fad. Not bad, but just a trend. Kind of like large, 44mm watches. Sizes will begin to come down, and black steel will fade away. Personally I’d love to see more Ti. I think it lends itself to Breitling’ Aeromarines and Professional lines much more than polished. Brushed is great, but the warm feeling from Ti is really comfertable.

  3. The first Blacksteel was nice, and I could see the addition of the SA Blacksteel being a logical decision the next year. I think introducing 2 this year was a mistake since it’s not very original. Maybe if it was a newer model instead of just making a current model with the blacksteel finish. I’m more curious to see the new bentley midnight carbon models than the new blacksteels.

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