Vintage World Time

I promised in a response to my post on Breitling travel-time watches last week that I would share a picture of the Breitling Unitime from 1951, so here goes.  This watch is absolutely sick, in a good way of course.  Similar to the sporty Bentley GMT, the Unitime has a rotating bezel with the twenty-four world timezones listed around the bezel’s interior.  Obviously the Unitime is more of a classy dress watch, but the “world-time” display is extremely similar, with the only difference being different cities used to represent some of the corresponding timezones.  Like the Bentley GMT, the Unitime is perfect for people who travel a lot or do intercontinental business.

One of the coolest features of the Unitime is the map of the world in the center of the dial; it immediately makes me think of the Patek Philippe 5131J World Time watch.  Normally Patek Philippe and Breitling are two brands that are not compared with one another, but yes, I am definitely going there.  If you look at the two watches next to one another, they are eerily similar.  Both watches have the twenty-four timezones listed around the interior of the bezel, as well as a world map in the center of the dial.  The center of the 5131J is enamel and has color, but the differences in the basic design of the two watches are certainly minimal.  What an awesome vintage Breitling watch!

Do you have  any cool vintage Breitlings in your collection?  If so, please share the descriptions and images with The Breitling Report.


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