Going Green

In addition to releasing a couple black steel versions of some existing models at this year’s Baselworld Fair, Breitling decided to spice up its SuperOcean Heritage line with a limited edition green bezel version for both the 46mm automatic and the 46mm automatic chronograph models.  As soon as I saw pictures of it, I could not help but immediately think of the Rolex 50th Anniversary Submariner.  In 2003, Rolex released their signature black-on-black sports model with a green bezel to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the timepiece.  The anniversary edition, referred to by many Rolex collectors as  “Kermit,” has had great success over the last several years.

I definitely think the green-on-black look is pretty cool, however, I do wonder why Breitling chose green for the bezel over another color.  I think red-on-black or blue-on-black would look just as good.  Do you guys agree?  Did Breitling choose green-on-black due to the success of the Anniversary Sub?  Will the green bezel SuperOcean Heritage models be equally as popular as the Sub; or should Breitling have chosen a different color so as to differentiate themselves from Rolex?  I am extremely interested in hearing what Breitling enthusiasts have to say regarding this one.


7 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. I love the look of the Sub LV, but I’m not crazy about the green bezel SOH. The thing that kills that watch the most for me is the bracelet. I know the mesh has that vintage feel to it, but I’d prefer something else.

  2. I would have liked to see Breitling incorporate their trademark yellow in this somehow. Maybe the entire bezel would not be yellow, but that color is pretty unique to Breitling. I agree with Justin that maybe a different bracelet would look nice

  3. I recently moved from looking at Navis to looking at the SOH 46mm. I can’t believe they would have gone with a green bezel. At least they didn’t use the black dial. Between the 2 color schemes, however, I think the blue-on-green is better. I agree with the prior comment – B has a yellow that is identified with the brand. I don’t know how this would have come across on the SOH, though.

    I wish there was a SS alternative to the mesh bracelet. This is my biggest hurdle (as cost is much lower than the Navi). George – do you ever substitute a SS bracelet for the mesh?

    • I have yet to try substituting a SS bracelet for the mesh, but I definitely think it is worth the experiment. I wonder if a 24mm professional bracelet would fit properly. I know Breitling does not advocate a professional bracelet on the SOH models since they do not list that configuration on their price list, but I see no harm in trying. If the bracelet does indeed fit at the lugs, there is a good chance there is a noticeable gap between the bracelet and the case, or the two pieces just simply do not mesh…PUN INTENDED!

  4. The Rolex bright green pops and gives the watch a funky stand alone look. The Breitling looks like a loden or dark green and does not jump out as much. Perhaps it is classier looking… hard to tell.
    I also like a blue bezel, perhaps with a blue face. Believe it or not, Pulsar has a rather inexpensive model with t blue face, and a blue/red bezel. It is a little metallic looking though and there is the rub 😦

  5. I think it’s been noted over on breitling source that the only possible bracelet that could work with the SOH would be the speed bracelet since it has the flat end links. I don’t think anyone has tried it yet though. I still like the SOH and think it looks best on a croc strap.

  6. Hello fellow Breitling fanatics. I have the SOH and I love it. I’ve had a leather strap made especially for it and I’ve spoken to the “watch engineer” as I call him at a local Rolex AD about a Oyster-Like strap for it. First, about the leather strap. I have the mesh and the rubber for it and enjoy them both. The leather strap I got from an online dealer that usually makes straps for Panerai. I wanted a strap that was the same width all around and they did a most excellent one for 600 bucks. People think I’m some sort of superhero when I wear the watch with the mesh strap. Always get comments. I prefer the rubber strap over the mesh and leather, but they all look good in their own way. Upon speaking to my “watch engineer” he’s willing to alter an Oyster strap that is two-tone stainless steel. We’ve paired the watch with the bracelet already and it looks spectacular. I don’t, however, believe I’d ever wear it because with the weight of the watch and the bracelet it’s just too much weight. I have the Datejust II and that thing is a monster at only 41mm. Anyhow, the mesh band makes one seem mysterious, the leather is good for going out and the rubber, of course, is good for getting wet. Happy time keeping people.

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