Sometimes, Less is More…

I saw a vintage Breitling this morning that really caught my eye.  The evolution of every Breitling model is interesting to analyze, which I plan on doing in future blogs, but the original Datora from 1945 really stands out to me.  What a sweet piece!  The watch features the day, the date, the month, a chronograph function and the time, all displayed on a very clean and simple dial.

If you look at the current Montbrillant Datora, the dial is extremely busy.  I would even argue that it is too busy!  There is so much going on that I honestly have a hard time reading the time.  I think the addition of the slide rule, enabling users to compute different airborne calculations, just does not fit with the other complications.  Additionally, I believe the watch would be better suited with Arabic numerals as opposed to stick markers to indicate the hours.  In my eyes, it would provide more structure to the dial and make it appear less chaotic.

Do my fellow Breitling enthusiasts agree with me that sometimes, less is more? I highly prefer the original Datora to the current version.  Let me know your thoughts!


7 thoughts on “Sometimes, Less is More…

  1. I totally agree. To me, there is nothing better than an unassuming, subdued, and straightforward watch face. While each complication has its own useful purpose; many times, the wearer only uses the watch to tell time and not calculate jet fuel consumption! If that is the case, I believe, less is usually more.

  2. I think you are right about the busy dial on the Datura, but I also find the vintage model to be a little plain, especially the bezel. Sometimes simple is good in a Timex, but a Breitling needs to have a little more edge to it….
    Nice watch pictures though.

  3. Personally the Datora, is my Breitling Grail. But I can’t help but agree with you when compared to the ’45. A bit less would increase appeal in my opinion and make it a true classic.

    • I think it is awesome how many complications the Datora has and I appreciate how well-made the watch is. As Jerry said, Breitlings have a special pop to them and that must not be taken away. I think Breitling’s best models, however, are the ones that have a less complicated appearance. The key is finding that perfect balance.

  4. I like the older version. In the very brief period I was in possession of a Navi World, I just found the dial to be too busy. I could live without the slide rule simply because I would never use it. If Breitling came along with something like the older version with a little updated look, I know it would be on my short list of Breitlings I’d buy in the future.

    • Hey Chip,

      I actually saw this vintage Datora in a watch book. It is pretty sharp huh? It was not for sale and unfortunately I do not know where one may be available for purchase…

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