I Believe I Can Fly

Breitling has had close ties to the aviation world for over half a century.  In the 1930s, aviation really started to take off.  Commercial flights were increasing, and people were starting to fly at night much more regularly.  In 1931, Breitling offered instruments for aircraft dashboards, and in 1936, the brand introduced a wrist chronograph that enabled aircraft travelers to calculate the exact time of their trips.  Ever since, one of the brand’s main priorities has been to provide the best and most accurate timekeeping instruments for aviators.

Breitling continues to pay tribute to the aviation world.  In 2003, the brand introduced the Breitling Jet Team, the world’s first civilian professional jet patrol.  The team of seven L-39 Albatros twin-seater military training jets now puts on approximately 120 shows a year for both public and exclusive events.  The planes are typically flown by French Air Force professionals, traveling at close to 700km/hr, and sometimes within three meters of one another!

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to speak with Gary Girdvainis, the Editor-in-Chief of iW Magazine.  Gary recently traveled to Switzerland on a Breitling-sponsored trip.  In addition to witnessing a Breitling Jet Team show in person, Gary got to jump out of one of the planes!  Check out some of his pics – it looks pretty sick!


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