Intergalactic Planetary

Recognizing that they already offer plenty of cool, sporty oversized models that are in line with the industry trend, Breitling decided to come out with a new line of watches this year for both women and those of us men who prefer to stay in the sub-42mm range.  The Galactic series, as it is called, offers five different models, with case sizes ranging from 30mm to 41mm.

For the female who prefers quartz watches, there is the Galactic 30, a 30mm piece offered on a either a bracelet or an integrated lizard strap with a deployment buckle, as well as the Galactic 32, a 32mm watch available on all of the various Breitling straps and bracelets in production.  The third ladies watch in the line, the Galactic 36, is certainly the most innovative of the three.  Recognizing that many ladies do indeed possess an appreciation for the mechanical art of watchmaking, yet do not have a relatively large wrist, Breitling decided to put the Caliber 37 self-winding movement in a feminine case size.  The watch is available on all Breitling straps and bracelets made, and has a small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock to clearly show it houses an automatic movement.

The men’s Galactic pieces, the Galactic 41 and the Chrono Galactic, are made in the same case sizes as the signature Breiting Cockpit and Chrono Cockpit at 41mm and 39mm respectively.  In addition to having the same case sizes, the Galactic 41 and the Cockpit both house the same Caliber 49 movement, while the Chrono Galctic and the Chrono Cockpit both use the Caliber 13 movement.

The only real difference between the men’s Galactic and the Cockpit timepieces is aesthetics.  The Galactic models are the sportier of the two, equipped with same bezel design as that of the Chronomat B01. I think the name “Galactic” is fitting for the new line, as the men’s models are essentially 21st century Cockpit models with more pop.  The Beastie Boys would be proud.

Do you Breitling enthusiasts prefer the traditional Cockpit pieces or the new Galactic line?  Do you think the Galactic pieces will sell well?


7 thoughts on “Intergalactic Planetary

  1. I think the dial is a subtle improvement over the Windrider Cockpit. The bezel on the Windrider Cockpit could certainly have used some improvement, but I’m afraid they’ve screwed the pooch with the numeric font. Makes me prefer the Windrider Cockpit I’m afraid. Hope they remain available.

  2. I am really bothered by the design of the bezel of the Galactic 41. It is not just the font that I hate. The absence of tic marks on the bezel means that it can’t be used for timing.

  3. Nice design but I am not in love with the large square box design and lack of numbers… looks a bit feminine with he masculine wings… I like the cockpit design better ( of course.. I am a pilot ) but would like to see that with a white or silver dial…

    • I agree that the dial of the Galactic 41 seems a bit empty with the small stick markers. It seems like Breitling took some of the substance from the dial of the Cockpit and put it in the bezel of the Galactic 41.

  4. I wasn’t a fan when I saw them initially, but I did see some real life shots of one on TZ and it looked pretty nice. I’d like to try some on next time I’m at an AD. I also love the Beastie Boys reference.

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