The Holy Breitling Grail

One of the great things about the Breitling line is that it offers so many cool timepieces that people rarely share the exact same model configuration as their “grail” watch.  Almost all Breitling watches are offered in at least three different dial colors and can be put on a wide array of straps and bracelets.  I currently have three different Breitlings that are among my favorites…

My first favorite is the silver dial Superocean Steelfish on a brown crocodile leather strap with a stainless steel deployment buckle.  The Steelfish is absolutely awesome in all three of the dial colors Breitling offers it in.  It is a great size at 44mm (not too big and not too small), and the luminescent circular hour markers really do it for me.  I also like how the Steelfish has a brushed case and bracelet.  I love the way the silver dial, the luminescent hour markers, and brown crocodile leather strap complement each other though and for that reason it is my favorite configuration of the model.  The sub $3500 retail price is nice too!

The second Breitling I am really digging at the moment is the Chronomat B01 with the Blackeye Blue dial on a stainless steel bracelet.  To be honest, it does not really matter to me whether it be the Chronomat Evolution or the B01 because I really just love that dial!  The contrast between the blue dial and black subdials is sick.  Breitling did it right with this one.  If you have yet to see one, check it out.

The last Breitling I have really liked of late is the silver dial SuperOcean Heritage Chronograph Limited Edition 125th Anniversary on a black Diver Pro II with a deployment buckle.  The dial and bezel are close to perfect again on this model.  The silver dial with the black subdials surrounded by the black bezel is money!  The red chronograph hand and the red hands used on the black subdials are the perfect touch.  I am not a huge fan of the mesh bracelet so that is why I would prefer it on the solid Diver Pro II.

What model would you consider your “grail” Breitling?  Don’t worry, it is ok to name a couple.  I am obviously not able to pick just one either…


15 thoughts on “The Holy Breitling Grail

  1. I think if i had to pick one, I’d still go with the black Bentley GT on the bracelet. It’s the perfect size at 45mm and I love the day date feature. After that, it would be a toss up between the carbon black or blackeye grey B01 with the blackeye blue right behind it. I guess great minds think alike.

    • My “Holy Breitling Grail” would have to be the Cosmonaute in gold and stainless with the white face and gold subdials, on a croc. strap with deployant buckle. I find that the Navitimer and Cosmonaute models in many different configurations are a weakness. My Breitling B-1, makes me smile until I am able to fund the next step. I enjoy the B-1 for features that the quartz allows on a budget.

  2. The Navitimers are a classic. The Chronomats are my favorite.
    I particularly like the mother of pearl dials. I just ordered a black dial B01.

  3. The rubber strap shown in the last picture is not a Diver Pro 2, but an Ocean Racer. I think I will get an OR strap for my Seawolf (Ti) and maybe even for my Colt 2 quartz.

    • Yes, the rubber strap shown in the last picture is definitely an Ocean Racer strap as opposed to a Diver Pro II. I was unable to dig up a picture of a silver dial SOHC LE on a Diver Pro II though. I personally prefer the Diver Pro II to the OR strap because it is solid all the way through. I appreciate your attention to detail once again Filippo!

  4. Once again, a great post.

    If I could configure (1) a water resistant two-tone Montbrillant (38mm), I’d be in hog heaven.

    But your first example (the Superocean Steelfish on croc) got me thinking … I’d mostly been looking at (2) the SOH 46mm (black dial) (so I like your 3d, and agree – the solid rubber strap and a black croc) but I might look at (3) the Colt Automatic, probably with a silver dial, on the Professional bracelet, and purchase the croc strap on deployant and a solid Diver II strap at the same time, given the modest retail price for the Colt series.

    • I don’t think there is a huge difference in the Steelfish and the Colt Auto pricing. The steelfish wears smaller than the 44mm size so you could easily pull it off no matter what the wrist size. There should be money left to add the straps you’re looking at well. Switching up straps gives the watch a whole new look. Even going from a black gator to a brown gator gives my Panerai 2 completely different looks.

      • I have a silver-dial Colt 2 quartz with brown croc strap on SS deployant. This is almost the same look as George’s Grail #1, except for the numerals instead of the dots. (Colts were originally designed as quartz watches, so a Colt automatic is not necessarily better.)

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    • You’re right! Breitlings are “Instruments for ProfessionalsTM,” not “Accessories for Fashion VictimsTM.”

      • But straps and bracelets ARE fashion accessories. You’d be surprised by how much your watch “personality” changes if you go from a bracelet (like the Pro 2) to a leather strap (or the other way around.)

  6. Wow George, I just about mirrored your pics. My grail is my Chronomat B01 Blackeyed Blue. Now to get a sts Pilot bracelet to interchange with my Diver Pro II w/ deployment I’ll have the perfect combo.

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