Breitling(s) on the Big Screen

Last night I was scrolling through TV channels to see if there were any cool movies on.  I read the review for The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 and saw Denzel Washington and John Travolta were in it, so I figured I would give it a whirl.  It was pretty entertaining.  Denzel stars as a New York City subway dispatcher, who suddenly get puts in the middle of a chaotic situation where four armed men hijack a subway train and take 19 passengers hostage for a ransom of ten million dollars to be delivered within an hour.  Travolta is the criminal group leader and goes by the name Ryder; he plays the role well and comes across as a savage dude who is also sharp and witty.

When I started watching the movie, the fact that Travolta was a Breitling ambassador was not even remotely on my mind.  By the end of the movie, the thing that I could not get out of my head was his Breitling watch.  The weird thing about it is that it seemed as if his Breitling kept changing throughout the thriller!

Since Ryder sets an hour deadline for his 10 million dollars, he is constantly looking at the time.  When he stares at his watch, the camera zooms in on his silver dial Colt.  You cannot miss it.  When you see Ryder talking to Denzel on the phone and at other parts in the movie, however, the ring leader is definitely wearing a dark chronograph of some sort with silver subdials.  I promise you on this!  It is really funny.  Ryder obviously is a serious Breitling collector with multiple pieces in his collection…so much that he switches them out in the middle of hostage takeovers!  Please note the sarcasm.

Has anyone else seen the movie?  I love picking up on what watches actors are wearing on screen.  For instance, I noticed immediately that Pierce Brosnan is wearing a Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso while playing Thomas Crown in The Thomas Crown Affair.  I am fairly certain that other watch guys  pick up on these things the same way I do, right?


13 thoughts on “Breitling(s) on the Big Screen

  1. Oh geeze! George you need help just like the rest of us watch lovers…Funny thing is, I not only watch for what watches people are wearing in movies but I rewind and pause to look at them for a while. BTW, I now have to go back and watch The Thomas Crown Affair again1 Thats okay, its one of my favorite movies of all time!

    Be Well,

    Garret Zylka

    • I am with you Garret! The Thomas Crown Affair is an awesome flick! It is definitely one of my favorites too. I have watched it probably twenty times. Brosnan gives one of my favorite movie quotes of all time in it…”Anything’s obtainable.”

  2. Great observation !!!! I remember seeing the movie but I did not pick up on the change pf watches… I guess Mr. Travolta travels with more than one Breitling and changed off without realizing it, or….. knowing the intelligence of Mr. Travolta, maybe he was playing a side trick ti see if anyone would notice…. and you did !

  3. It was a movie that actually got me into Breitlings. The movie was The Skulls. It was about a secret society and they were each given a Breitling during a ritual to hide the marking of the secret society that was burned into their wrist. That was the first time I saw a Breitling and I knew I needed to have one from then.

  4. Yep, George, I do this all the time! I have gone beyond movies and do it on television as well.
    In terms of visual entertainment, just a word to the props or costume people: PLEASE try to maintain continuity. It was slightly embarrassing and certainly silly to see the character of Ryder switch up watches like that…

    • I agree, John. It really is a pretty bad mistake… It makes somewhat of a mockery out of the movie for us watch nuts who pick up on stuff like that.

  5. I too find myself looking at what watches people are wearing in movies. It’s pretty bad when John Travolta switches from a silver dial Colt to a black dial Super Avenger since there’s quite a difference in size. I agree that they need to maintain continuity. I can’t remember the last Breitling I saw in a movie, but I remember seeing Troy Aikman wearing a Super Avenger and Joe Buck had on an Emergency while they were doing one of the football games last season.

    • I picked up that Aikman was a Breitling guy too! It makes me have to respect him somewhat, even though he was a Cowboy. We Eagles fans do not like Dallas very much when it comes to football…

  6. I am sure some of you were watching “The Decision” last night. I saw Lebron James was wearing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Volcano.

  7. the tv show the PAWN STARS the dad is always wearing a breitling, Also i just saw in the movie From Paris With Love and John Travolta was wearing yet another of his many breitlings.

  8. Haha, I noticed this when I watched the film too. I took some screen shots and have been meaning to post about it on the Breitling Source forums.

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