Have it Your Way

In 2008, Vacheron Constantin came out with their Quai De l’Ile watch, a timepiece that cannot be counterfeited and can be custom made into hundreds of different variations.  The idea of having a personalized watch is awesome.  I love the thought of being able to pick what features I want on the dial of my watch or what color I want the face to be.  Better yet, how about being able to decide what material I want the case or bezel to be made out of?

Breitling’s line of watches is incredibly extensive.  The brand makes more models than almost any other, and as you know, I am unable to pick just one Breitling watch that I would call my favorite.

How cool would it be to custom-make a Breitling?

Imagine if you could control everything from the strap/bracelet, to the case, to the dial…I know Breitling has made exhibition caseback models in the past, such as the limited edition Chrono Avenger Sixty-Nine, but I think it would be cool if they started making more of them.  How about a Chronomat B01 in-house chronograph movement with an exhibition caseback and your choice of bezel?  And what if you could also determine the dial, hands, markers, and subdials, in addition to the strap/bracelet?

What would be your “perfect Breitling?”  This could get interesting…

4 thoughts on “Have it Your Way

  1. I’ve always been disappointed Breitling didn’t put an exhibition caseback on the B01. I think it would have been extremely cool if they put one on the first 100 watches produced . . . because my B01 would have one and be even better! Well, I suppose I don’t know if mine was one of the first 100 produced, but it was one of the first to be purchased in the US.

  2. Guys, I agree: Display backs, ESPECIALLY for the B01 would be perfect. In regards to all of the time and effort that Breitling put into developing the new in-house movement, it would be nice to actually SEE it in all of its glory!

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