The Breitling Bug

Breitling enables true watch enthusiasts to establish a wide-ranging collection just within the Breitling line.  Once you have purchased your first Breitling, it is hard to stop!  I know that I am unable to pick just one favorite, and my favorite models are changing all the time.  It is funny talking with other Breitling addicts like myself to see how they first got into the Breitling brand.

One of my friends first learned about Breitling on his honeymoon in Belize.  While there, he walked into a jeweler and the signature yellow Breitling display immediately caught his eye.  Once he starting checking their watches out, he was hooked.  Upon returning to the States, he started researching all of the Breitling models on the company website and the various Internet forums.

After weighing his options for a while, he ultimately purchased a blue dial Colt GMT on a stainless steel Pro II bracelet.  He loves the watch and it is extremely special to him as it is the first piece in his Breitling collection.  Like many other Breitling enthusiasts, his first Breitling purchase was not his last.  After exploring many more options, he eventually picked up a Chronomat with a graphite dial to complement his Colt GMT, and is now looking to add another Breitling to his collection.  Any suggestions?

Colt GMT, Chronomat

There are so many different ways one can first learn about the Breitling brand.  For instance, one of my buddies who knows that I am a watch junkie asked me which watch Wayne Gretzky was wearing in a recent news conference because he loved the look of it so much.  It was a Breitling of course, and my friend picked up a SuperOcean Heritage Chronograph less than a week later…

How did you first get into Breitling?  And how has your Breitling collection evolved?


9 thoughts on “The Breitling Bug

  1. back when my wife and i were engaged we were discussing watches, and I said half jokingly, after we are married for 5 years you can get me a nice watch for our anniversary. fast forward to last september, she remembers this *promise* and asks me what kind of watch I want for our anniversary. 6 weeks later I have a brand new Navitimer World on my wrist.

  2. I first noticed Breitling while on vacation in Mexico 5 years ago. I finally pulled the trigger 2 months ago and picked up the new Avenger. It has really become an addictive hobby. I am currently debating 3 other Breitling watches for my next purchase, and hope to make a decision within the month.

  3. Maybe this guy needs to add a silver dial Steelfish to his collection. I think that would compliment his Colt and latest purchase nicely.

  4. The bug strikes again!
    Just bought my new Airwolf Raven…
    The 7th B of my collection.
    Aviation started the bug, but B personality kept it going!

  5. Years ago a Dr. friend showed me his Aerospace and all the features. I thought to myself, I’m going to get me one of those one day. Well, at the time there was no way I could afford one, so I had to “settle” on a mere Colt Military quartz. Even that I had to buy on layaway. FF 15 years, I finally bought an Aerospace in ’08. I’ve since added 3 more B’s to my collection, SABS-LE, SOH, and a B01.

    I really need to restrain myself, lest I add a #5. But, that is another story…

  6. I am not a collector of Breitling watches. I just happen to own five of them. The latest purchase was a Seawolf (Titanium.) I also own a Chronomat Classic, a Chrono Colt Auto, plus two quartz Colts. I don’t own any other watch.

  7. *UPDATE* I ordered the black dial Steelfish last Friday. Should have it within the week.

    @ Justin…yeah, I think “that guy” should get the silver dial SOSF.

  8. Well I just parted with my first B today, a bit sad but my original SO had to go as I couldn’t justify having two and one just sitting there not getting worn. I have had the second N (an Aerospace on two tone Gold / Ti bracelet) for a while now.

    Giving up smoking funded them both and now I have another £800 to go shopping with I may have to keep saving till a less day to day practical (Aerospace) and more dressy B (possibly an Emergency Mission or maybe a Titanium Avenger Chrono) comes along.

    Bug Bitten, Despite not keeping both I think I am.

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