Quick! What time is it?

Last Sunday morning I went out to brunch with four friends of mine.  Four of the five of us were wearing nice watches.  One was wearing a Hublot Big Bang, one was wearing a Tag Heuer, another was wearing a SuperOcean Steelfish and I was wearing a Chronomat B01.  It was a nice little collection the four of us had going together.

After I ordered some delicious blueberry pancakes, my one friend asked what time it was.  My buddy who was wearing the Hublot brought out his Blackberry, looked at it for a second and said, “12:15.”  I could not believe it!  I immediately asked him, Did you really just take out your cell phone to see what time it is? The guy was rocking a ridiculously sick 44mm Big Bang!

We then had a short conversation as to the overall purpose of a nice watch.  We all love watches obviously; four of us were wearing one at that time, and our other friend owns a really nice two-tone Rolex.  When asked what the time was though, my one friend still looked at his Blackberry.

If you think about it, watches are really one of the only ways a man can express himself from a material standpoint.  Musician John Mayer, who is a huge watch collector, had a great quote: “A man’s got two shots for jewelry: a wedding ring and a watch. The watch is a lot easier to get on and off than a wedding ring.”

John Mayer on watches

Why do you wear a watch?  Is it because it makes you happy and puts you in a good mood, or do you wear one primarily to know the time?


10 thoughts on “Quick! What time is it?

  1. Both! But mainly because it makes me feel good, just to know it’s there, and I can “watch the watch” even when I don’t need to know the time.
    I usually wear an Emergency!

    Oh! and it’s 18:36, UTC+1

  2. Both for me as well…but I have to say that I never look at the time on my cell phone unless it is to check it against the time on my watch. I obviously love the feeling of having a quality watch on my wrist, but I can’t imagine wearing a watch and not using it to tell what time it is.

  3. I’ll use my watch to check the time if someone asks. If I need to know the date though and I’m wearing my Milgauss, I’ll use my phone. I’d have to say I wear my watches for both reasons. Like John said, it’s great looking down and seeing the Breitling wings on the dial or any of the other brands that I’ve owned.

  4. During my working career I needed a stop watch function on a regular basis to time short segments. Now that I’m retired, old habits are hard to break…I LOVE a watch! Even if I’m mowing the lawn, I wear a watch. I just DON’T think of using my cell phone for checking the time. I use the date feature quite often… I am even inclined to check on the day of the week! As for the chronograph function, it is relegated to keeping track of time for parking meters and such. My Breitling B-1 is also sure to give me a smile. It is special… I don’t just remove it and set it in my drawer… it is wiped off with a cloth, then put in its resting place.

  5. I own a Blackberry, and I do use it to read the time often. On the other hand, I use analog chronographs a lot. The Blackberry does have a stopwatch function, but it is only reachable through a sub-sub-menu. My Breitling chronographs, on the other hand have easily reachable push-pieces to start timing. It is ironic using an automatic chronograph to time a computer system, but I do it often. It is the easiest way to answer questions like “how long does it take for this server to go from power-on to a login prompt?”

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