A Lifetime of Love

I definitely am one of those people with watch attention deficit disorder.  I love so many watches and want to have them all!  If only I had an endless bankroll…  Lately more than ever I have been messing around with a couple different watches.

IWC Portuguese 7-day Automatic, Rolex Milgauss, Breitling SuperOcean II

I was wearing an IWC Portuguese 7-day Automatic (reference #: IW5001-07) for a while and absolutely loved it.  The watch comes on a leather strap though and has more of a sophisticated, dress look to it.  I decided that for the summer I should be wearing something that is sportier and comes on a rubber strap.

For that reason I turned to the Abyss Red SuperOcean II on a black Diver Pro II with a deployment buckle.  What an awesome watch!  Breitling really designed a hot piece with this model.  My buddy fell in love with it too and asked me to do a swap with him for a while.  I agreed to it and got to wear his black dial Rolex Milgauss for a couple of weeks.

After wearing three fairly different watches over the last couple of months, I wondered what watch I could see myself owning for my entire lifetime and never getting rid of.  Obviously watches can become very sentimental to people, especially if they are received as a gift from a loved one for instance.  Meanwhile, someone can develop an emotional attachment to a watch due to all of the memories they have made while wearing it or because they simply love the watch!

Do you have a watch in your collection that is invaluable, a timepiece that you would simply never part with?


5 thoughts on “A Lifetime of Love

  1. The watch I would have to put in the “serious keeper” category would be my Audemars Piguet Jumbo. I’ve had it for many years. My most recent service (about 5 years ago) was quite costly because I fell when wearing it and did some real damage to the clasp and links area. The service from Audemars Piguet in Clearwater, Florida was superb.

  2. Yep although it gets little wrist time these days due to my super avenger i could never give up my tourneau safar flyer due to sentimental value.

  3. I’d never sell my first Breitling since it represents the completion of my MBA. Others may come and go, but this one will never leave.

  4. I will never get rid of my old Chrono Colt 1 Quartz. I consider it a good-luck charm. (I am Italian and naturally superstitious.) By the way, the new SuperOcean 2 is a great watch! I think Breitling has a real hit with this one, after a series of misses (the SOH, the Galactics and even, from a design point-of-view, the Chronomat B01.) I particularly like the Breitling-yellow one. I would buy one, except that I recently acquired a Seawolf, so I do not need another diver’s watch anytime soon.

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