Is the Cushion Case In?

In the 1960s, Breitling launched a couple different chronograph pieces with a round dial and a square case.  The move helped start a trend across the watch industry that was extremely well received.  The 18kt gold Breitling square-case Top Time with a black dial and silver subdials is probably my favorite vintage Breitling piece.  I would rock that bad boy any day of the week!

Nowadays, several brands have some really hot pieces in their current line that pay tribute to this cushion case design.  For instance, there is the Radiomir by Panerai, the Senator Sixties Square Chronograph by Glashutte Original and the Historiques American 1921 by Vacheron Constantin.

Panerai Radiomir, Glashutte Original Senator Sixties Square Chronograph

Is it just me, or did Vacheron design the current American 1921 to absolute perfection?  The watch is truly amazing; I love the off-center dial with the crown at 1 o’clock.  It would be an incredible watch to wear while driving!  Everything about the model really does it for me.

Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921

So is the cushion case ‘in’ across the entire watch industry?  Should Breitling launch some more cushion case pieces?  Would they be well received?


4 thoughts on “Is the Cushion Case In?

  1. The Vacheron is, indeed, a stunning watch, but Breitling should not try to compete with Vacheron. The brand that produced the 1960’s Top Time is dead. The new Breitling (reborn in 1984 with the classic Chronomat) is a different brand and probably should limit itself to “Instruments for Professionals.” Look at the Breitling web page. You have jet-plane pilots and professional divers. This is the image that Breitling is cultivating. They can’t dilute the brand with delicate, effeminate watches. The Vacheron projects an image of weakness. The crown is very vulnerable (being positioned at a corner) and a square shape is not optimal for either pressure-resistance or ruggedness.

  2. I like the look of the cushion case. I’ve become a big fan of Panerai’s Radiomir case but can’t sacrifice something to buy one. A updated version of the Top Time with that case would be a great idea for Breitling in my opinion. That VC is nice, but given the price, it’ll never be on my wrist.

  3. I love that VC, always have! Not sure if Breitling should get their feet wet in the cushion case market, as said above. Not sure if it’s fit for Breitling.

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