In his New York Times bestseller The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists, Neil Strauss discusses the concept of peacocking.  Peacocking is a method by which a person uses his or her clothing or accessories to stand out and grab people’s attention. Some ways in which one can do so is with a funky colored shirt, a unique piercing or a sweet watch.

Not too long ago, one of my best buddies, who is a big watch guy and has owned several really nice timepieces, started wearing a rectangular three-timezone Jacob & Co. watch with all sorts of bright colors on the dial.  It definitely caught my eye, and I am sure it grabbed the attention of many others as well.  I started laughing once I saw it and asked him what was with the funky new watch.  His response was, “I’m peacocking, Chaunce (Chaunce being a nickname he and I use for one another, originating from an entirely different story).”

Apparently the peacocking did not stop there, as he is now wearing a Graham Chronofighter R.A.C, a hot piece that is powered by a column-wheel chronograph movement.  As you can see, the chronograph is activated by a trigger on the left-hand side of the watch.  It is a very unique watch and certainly stands out; he gets comments on it all the time.

Graham Chronofighter

What my friend has shown me firsthand is that watches can really be conversational items.  There are, without a doubt, many conversational pieces within Breitling’s extensive line.  For instance, it is tough to miss a diamond Super Avenger when a guy is rocking it on his wrist.  I also think it is awesome when a woman is wearing a larger, sportier watch with a unique dial color, such as a Chrono Cockpit with a turquoise dial.

Breitling Super Avenger, Peacocking

The ability to peacock with a watch is one of the many reasons why the watch world is so great.  Which Breitling, or any watch for that matter, would you consider your favorite standout, conversational or peacocking piece?


8 thoughts on “Peacocking?!

  1. I have seen different models from Alain Silberstein that would fit the bill quite nicely. While I have never owned one, the moremild versions of the Klub or Smile series are my choice.

    The various Graham stem mechanisms look as if they would snag on everything. Just not my cup of tea.

  2. While peacocking was not on my mind when I bought it, my Avenger Seawolf (I have the discontinued Ti version,) has proven to be a conversation piece, because of its size, thickness and unique look. The diamond Super Avenger is fabulous, but it would be too large for me.

  3. I can see wearing a Super Avenger would fit into this. That watch is too big for me, and if I tried to wear it, it would look ridiculous along with most of the other 48mm models. My Panerai would spark a conversation here and there, but that’s the only time I really noticed anyone looking at my watches.

  4. For me its my SA you have pictured here just sans diamonds. It always gets noticed. I catch myself staring at it regularly 😉

  5. It would have to be my SA. There are others that I dont own but out of the watches I own it would be my SA. I also am curious as to how my soon to be Oris Artelier Skeleton will be received?

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