My Reality Check

This past weekend I finally got a chance to see Christopher Nolan’s movie Inception.  The extremely complex film features a thief named Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who figures out a way to tap into one’s subconscious while he or she is dreaming.  If you have not seen it, I highly recommend you do and I will not spoil the storyline at all if you keep reading.

Throughout the film, Cobb carries a small brass top with him.  He has it in the very beginning of the movie as well as the very end and uses it as a way to try and determine whether he is living in reality or a dream; it keeps things monitored for him at all times.

While sitting in the theater with no watch on my wrist, as I currently do not own a watch for the first time in my life and am trying to wait patiently for my new SuperOcean II to arrive, I realized that a watch is my brass top.  I know I may be getting too deep with this one but anything goes after this ridiculously trippy flick!

Breitling SuperOcean II

I absolutely need to have a watch with me at all times; not having one is killing me!  There is no doubt that a timepiece provides me with a comforting feeling every time I look down at it.  It is my reality check and something that I must always have with me.  Otherwise I cannot be sure whether I am living in reality or a dream…


2 thoughts on “My Reality Check

  1. The last time I went without a watch was waiting for my Milgauss to arrive. It drove me crazy not having one on. I kept looking at my wrist for the time and eflt very confused when I didn’t see a watch there.

  2. I finally saw Inception, so I can read this blog now (wanted to avoid any spoilers). I am never without a watch. I can’t remember the last time I went about my daily business without a watch. It would drive me nuts not having one.

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