A Missed Opportunity

I cannot stop kicking myself for letting an opportunity to pick up one of the coolest Breitlings I have ever seen pass me by.  The discontinued Montbrillant 1461 was a limited edition of 1,000 pieces released during the 90’s.  The watch is amazing!

The 1461 features a four-year perpetual calendar movement inside a 41.5mm case with the classic Navitimer look.  Not only does it house an incredible movement, but it is the perfect size for my wrist and is an amazing looking piece!  It has so much going on, yet the dial is not overly busy at all.

Breitling Montbrillant 1461

I did some homework and was able to find out that the watch had an original retail price of $3,900 when it was released.  Are you kidding me!?  Perpetual calendar pieces manufactured by some of the other fine watch brands can retail for up to six figures!

My only concern about the watch was that it would have been a little too dressy for my taste.  A friend of mine whom I was discussing the watch with eventually came up with an idea that would take care of that issue.  He suggested putting the watch on an orange crocodile leather strap with a deployment buckle.  I know it may sound like an aggressive thought, but I loved it!

I guess if the orange strap gave the watch too much pop, I could always have gone with the gold crocodile leather strap that I love so much.

Do you guys agree that the watch is a gem?  How about my flashy orange strap idea on such a classy-looking piece?  Could it have worked?


14 thoughts on “A Missed Opportunity

  1. This Montbrillant is a beauty. Yes, I like the option of a strap over the bracelet. The orange may be a little “over the top”… however, Breitling has so many strap options, that it would be easy to just hold this piece up to straps and make a selection. I could see the gold or some light tan straps working, or even a match for the sky in the moon phase indicator along with light color stitching. Because of the complexity of the face, I believe I would like a contrasting stitch.

  2. Of all the watches you’re around on a daily basis, I’m surpised this one stood out the most. It is very nice looking, but I’m sure there will be something replacing it on your wish list.

  3. Orange strap is a. Diffrent look if that is what u want casuul how about white croc with the whiteface would look amazing. Also…for more agrisive look large black. Or dark green croc would also be amazing…the watch is a great find if u can..mybreatling perpetal started at 20 grand in gold.I love it. Great watch……on a black. Croc…thanks for your tme….

  4. George, I own one of these and they are perfect for dressing “up”. One suggestion if you do end up purchasing one of these: Keep it on a dependable winder, as re-setting it can take more than a few minutes! (especially if you are obsessive like me and want the moon phase to be just right…)

    • I am sure it is quite the process setting the watch over and over again with so many pushers! I would definitely have to get a winder if I was to ultimately get the 1461… I am jealous! What strap do you wear it on?

      • I’ve a lighter Navy blue croc (OEM Breitling) on it w/ a SS deployant. While it may lack the punch of the orange, it does allow for some interesting color with a great ammount of “croc-i-ness”, with lots of tactile ‘movement’ in the natural reptile skin. I wear it when I have a suit on in the classroom due to it being more dressy.
        While my lab has some pretty sophisticated equipment, including some great programs that allow for star and lunar movement following for the younger students, it’s always nice to be able to look at this piece and check the moon phases, etc.

  5. This is one of the most beautiful watches Breitling has ever made in my eyes. I dont think I could take seeing it on an orange strap though. I would love to obtain one of these!

    • Hahaha! Well said, Larry! You just made me laugh out loud; I appreciate it! It looks like I am rubbing off on you some!

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