A Special Train Spotting

I always love it when I have a Breitling sighting.  Usually I will approach a person when I see they are wearing a ‘ling and say something to them.  It is a great way to start a conversation, and typically people like it when you acknowledge that you know what they are wearing; it puts a smile on their face.

While I was taking the train to New York last week, I actually had two Breitling sightings within the span of 30 minutes!  As we were boarding, the guy who was standing directly in front of me in line was wearing a green dial Bentley GT.  I could not believe it!  It is not every day you see that model with that dial color on someone’s wrist!  In fact, I did not even know they ever made the Bentley GT with a green dial.

Breitling for Bentley GT

I immediately complemented the guy on it, and we proceeded to have a ten-minute conversation on watches.  “Oh, so do you know a little something about these Breitling watches?” he asked me.

What I did not know at the time was that it would get even better.  Just fifteen minutes into the trip, I looked a few seats up and saw a guy wearing an Avenger Code Yellow limited edition!  It was the first one I have seen in person and man, did it look hot!  The guy was dozing off, and I obviously thought it would be a bit creepy to wake him up to say something to him about his watch, but I made sure it was the Code Yellow on the black Diver Pro II strap as I was “walking to the bathroom.”

I think Breitling is going to do great with the Code Yellow; it should receive just as high praises from people as the limited edition blacksteel Avenger Skyland did several years ago.  The signature Breitling yellow for the subdial hands and the chronograph hand looks awesome on the black dial with the solid grey Arabic numerals.  Meanwhile, I loved the version I saw on the train, with the brushed bezel and the polished case.

Breitling Avenger Code Yellow

What do you guys think of this piece?


4 thoughts on “A Special Train Spotting

  1. I like the Code Yellow, but I wish they would have done a little more with it. What that could have been, I have no idea but I feel it needs more to really be something I would want to buy. I do like the black and yellow combination since that is Breitling’s signature colors.

    I’ve never seen a green dial Bentley in person either, how “green” is the dial?

  2. I really like the Code Yellow, and as Justin says it is nice to see Breitling incorporate their signature yellow into some pieces. I would love to see a strap option with yellow stitching on it to really help bring the yellow out even more. That being said I like this more than all the blacksteel versions they are coming out with. I think that they have released too many of them recently, which makes them less of a limited edition.

    As far as the green dial…I actually saw the exact same one as in your picture at an AD a few months ago, and really liked it. The dial has a very metallic look to it, and almost has a black or blue appearance to it as you turn the watch (b/c of the AR coating).

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