What’s Mine Is Yours….

I was at the Phillies game Tuesday night, and my watch addiction was in full effect yet again. For those of you who are aware of what happened in the game, I did not stay all 16 innings…

Anyway, during one of the half innings in the middle of the game, several people were shown on the jumbotron at the stadium.  Believe it or not, one of the people I randomly saw when I looked up was a young woman sporting a two-tone, white dial Rolex Daytona!  I spotted it right away and told my friend whom I was with to check it out.  He is a pretty big watch guy himself and he confirmed the identification of her watch.

Rolex on the Jumbotron

I have always thought of the Rolex Daytona as a man’s watch; it is a 40mm chronograph, as I am sure some of you know.  Does that mean it is necessarily a man’s watch in this day and age of the watch world?  I thought it looked pretty awesome on her!

This certainly was not the first time a woman has worn what many refer to as a “man’s chronograph.” In 1967, actress Raquel Welsh wore a Breitling Co-Pilot chronograph in the film Fathom.  Apparently it was extremely well received, and she still rocks a Navitimer with a Co-Pilot module today.  I really dig it when I see women transition a “man’s watch” to a unisex one, and I think it is starting to happen more and more.

Raquel Welsh wore a Breitling Co-Pilot Chronograph in the 1967 film Fathom.

I do not think that women should necessarily limit their selection of Breitling timepieces to the Colt Oceane, the Starliner or the smaller Galactic models.  Why not sport a Navitimer, a Chrono Galactic or even a time-only Flying B if your wrist size allows it?  It could be a nice form of peacocking!

What do you guys think?  What direction are ladies’ case sizes heading in?  Are they following suit with the larger contemporary case sizes that men are now wearing?

A watch can say a lot about a guy.  It, without a doubt, can say a lot about a woman too.


2 thoughts on “What’s Mine Is Yours….

  1. George, didn’t you learn your lesson the last time you left a Phillies game early? I like the larger size cases for the ladies these days. While I can’t see my wife wearing anything like a navitimer or a flying B, I could see her wearing one of the Galactic 36s. She likes her Michele Tahitian Jelly which is 36mm and it seems to fit her nice.

  2. George:

    You helped me buy a Colt Auto II, silver dial for my wife…She’s small and I think it wears perfectly on her wrist. I like to see a woman with a man’s watch on!

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