Working Out in Style…

I am a huge tennis fan, so naturally I am really stoked about the US Open starting today.  I am extremely lucky to be going up to New York later on this week so that I can catch some of it in person and maybe see Rafael Nadal in action with his Richard Mille tourbillon on his wrist.

In case you did not know already, Rafa wore a $525,000 Richard Mille RM 027 Tourbillon while playing in Roland Garros for this year’s French Open.  The watch weighs a mere 20 grams, since it is made up of a carbon-composite case and lithium alloys, so apparently it does not hinder his game at all.  He won the tournament without dropping a set so I think that is probably true…

Rafael Nadal

I used to play tennis a lot and still try to work out as much as I can.  While exercising is the only time I do not wear a watch, but I am thinking about changing that. Seeing arguably the best tennis player in the world perform at the highest level with a watch on his wrist has got me thinking.

I have always been told that it is not wise to wear an automatic watch while exercising since it could hurt the movement.  The Richard Mille that Nadal wore during the French Open apparently has shock absorbers to prevent damage to the tourbillon movement while he is moving.  That being said, I do not have a spare $500k lying around to buy such a watch…

Breitling offers a bunch of quartz watches in their line though, as I have previously discussed, so perhaps I can find one that can become my “workout watch.”    It would be pretty sweet rocking a black dial Airwolf Raven on an ocean racer strap while going for a run.  I am definitely interested in giving it a try.

Airwolf Raven

Do any of you guys wear a watch while exercising?  If so, which one?


3 thoughts on “Working Out in Style…

  1. Great post George! I usually don’t wear a watch to work out but earlier this week I picked up a G Shock to wear to the gym and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t think I’d rock a half million dollar watch to work out in but I don’t mind spending 110 on a black and lime green casio.

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