Breitling Strikes Red…

Move over Avenger Code Yellow.  The newest Breitling limited edition definitely takes the cake.  The Blackbird Red Strike Chrono is sick, and I mean really sick.  I love the standard Blackbird as is, but the new dial with red accents is simply awesome; the contrast between the red and black is perfectly done.

Just like the Avenger Code Yellow, the Blackbird Red Strike will be limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide in both a polished finish and a satin/brushed finish.  I would personally go with the satin-finish version since I like my watches to be understated.  I would recommend the polished version for those who like to peacock every now and then though…

The only debate I am hearing about the watch is the date window.  Should Breitling have opted to keep the double date window for this watch in white, or did they make a good move by changing it to red to match the subdials?  I personally think Breitling made the right call, seeing as this is the Red Strike limited edition.  I know some others, however, beg to differ.

Would you prefer if the date was featured in white?

What do you guys think of the watch?  Do you like how the date is showcased in red?


7 thoughts on “Breitling Strikes Red…

  1. The brushed finish will probably look better. I could have gone without some of the red, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see it in person.

  2. The Blacksteel Blackbird LE has the white double date with red subdial hands and red inner bezel markings. In person, (it is a wash in pictures) there is no comparison, the red date really pops and finished it off.

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