Watch it Work.

I told you they were coming, and now they have arrived.  The long wait is over…Breitling has officially announced several exhibition caseback models housing their extremely reputable in-house B01 chronograph movement.  We have all heard about the movement, but now we can actually see it in action.

I think every owner of a Chronomat B01 I have ever talked to has told me that their watch is disgustingly accurate, and by that I mean within a second or two a day.  I am sure the same will hold true for the new Chronomat 01.

I admit that the model name could have been somewhat more creative, but the actual watch is pretty money; I really dig it.  I feel the same way about the Navitimer 01 and the Montbrillant 01.  All three models function by way of the B01 movement and will be limited to 2000 pieces worldwide in steel and 200 pieces worldwide in gold.

Breitling Navitimer 01 with exhibition caseback

The announcement of these models is a big move for the Breitling brand.  Not only is Breitling filling a void in their line by coming out with some exhibition caseback models, they are doing so with their very own caliber.  Now that is how it should be done!

These watches are going to receive many high praises.  I cannot wait to see them in person.  What do you guys think?


9 thoughts on “Watch it Work.

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing them in person, although I don’t know if I’ll get that opportunity. I like how the Chronomat is full brushed. It takes away the bling factor of the current B01.

    • I also love how the Chronomat 01 is apparently brushed. I think Breitling really put everything together with this piece. The combination of the slight dial alterations to the standard B01, the in-house chronograph movement, the exhibition caseback and the brushed finish make for an incredible piece. I think it could be my next watch…

    • I concur with Justin. The brushed factor makes it perfect IMHO. I love the red accents as well. Great post George, I can’t wait to see them in person!


  2. I’m thankful Breitling is releasing a display back version of these great watches, but I feel they’re a year too late. I’m very irritated that I purchased the B01 when it first came out and a year later these limited edition DB pieces are released. I don’t know what Breitling was thinking by doing this, but they have it entirely backwards in my opinion. I think this really cheapens the B01 for us early adopters of the piece.

    Also, I wish they’d get the naming convention straight. Is it a Chronomat 01 or a Chronomat B01. I have the same question for the movement; is it a Caliber 01 or Caliber B01? I’ve seen it both ways.

  3. George, I also got the e-mail from Breitling announcing the new Navitimer Caliber 01 limited edition. I am not a Navitimer fan (I am more of an Aeromarine kind of person,) but these are fantastic watches. I hope I will see them in person at the Breitling Hospitality “Chalet” at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. The New Mexico Breitling AD (Mati jewelers) are nice enough to send me invitations, even though I have not bought a watch from them in years. (I did get my Chronomat Classic serviced there recently, though.)

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  6. George, I just handled one of these beauties in person the other day here in Socal. As expected, it’s very nice. But honestly, I wasn’t as knocked over as I thought I would be. I do like the brushed finish, as I own a Blackbird. the red accents are nice and of course the saffire caseback. Regardless, I will give it another look. 🙂

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