Vintage Breitling Chronograph

I was at the WatchTime Magazine collector’s dinner in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago and could not believe my eyes when I saw one of the watches that was there.  I have been to the event the last three years, and there are always a ton of cool watches on display, however, there were never any Breitlings present in past years…

I assumed the same would hold true this year until I stumbled upon a black dial vintage SuperOcean Chronograph with silver subdials and stick hour markers.  What a sweet watch!  I immediately took a picture of the watch on my phone so that I could eventually post it here for you to see.

I love the bezel on this piece; it is extremely similar to the bezel on the Rolex Submariner or even the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.  It certainly is different than the bezel on the current Chrono SuperOcean…

Today’s Chrono SuperOcean also has quite a different dial.  There are now three subdials on the watch as well as the day and the date.  I think it is a nice upgrade to have these features on the watch, but I must say that I thought the vintage piece was extremely impressive and really cool.

SuperOcean Chronograph

What do you guys think?  Do you prefer the older version or the newer one?


One thought on “Vintage Breitling Chronograph

  1. I like the Chrono superocean. The only drawback I have with it is that I think it could be a litle bigger. The one time I tried it on, it seemed small. I do love the day-date function. I wasn’t a fan of the dial layout on the 125th anniversary Superocean Heritage chrono that they released. I prefer the dial layout on the standard Superocean Heritage Chrono. I just wish Breitling would offer a better bracelet option for the Superocean Heritages besides the mesh.

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