Old School Gems

Just last Monday I was contacted by a Breitling enthusiast who told me that he really enjoyed reading my blog and wanted to show me his vintage Breitling collection.  I told him I would be happy to meet up and I ended up being extremely stoked that I did!  His collection did not disappoint…

The first watch was my new Breitling Holy Grail…the Montbrillant 1461.  I have already written about how awesome this model is in a previous post, so I do not need to do so again; it is simply perfection.  The one this guy had was a silver dial version on a black Diver Pro rubber strap.  It was awesome!  I still think it would look pretty sweet on an orange crocodile strap with a deployment, by the way.  Obviously, I would only wear that strap configuration for peacocking situations…

Montbrillant 1461

The second piece was a Navitimer 92 “Top Gun” Limited Edition on a blue leather strap.  The automatic chronograph watch was limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide and made in commemoration of the US Navy fighter weapons school.  I dig this piece; I like how it has a steel case, a gold bezel, gold subdials and gold Arabic numerals on a silver dial.  Everything goes together to make a very sharp piece.

Navitimer 92 "Top Gun" LE

The third watch was a Chronomat Tomcat Special Edition.  The watch came out in 1997 and was limited to 250 pieces worldwide.  It has a white dial with gold subdials, plus a special subdial with US flag colors and a Tomcat next to the date at 3 o’clock.  It is a cool and different watch.

Chronomat Tomcat Special Edition

The last timepiece was a Duograph World Cup Limited Edition.  The model was another 1997 release and was limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.  The 39mm GMT watch was made to commemorate the 1995 World Cup of Aerobatics and is awesome in its simplicity. The watch initially has the appearance of a chronograph, but it is actually a dual timezone piece. The pusher at 8 o’clock adjusts the date, while the pushers at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock move the hour hand ahead and back respectively.

Duograph World Cup Limited Edition

What do you guys think of these pieces?  Which one do you like the most?


7 thoughts on “Old School Gems

  1. This is a wonderful collection that should bring many smiles. Of them, my favorite would be the Montbrillant 1461. I would like to see it on a black matte croc strap with contrasting stitches, or perhaps even red stitches. It would also look excellent on a golden tan strap with white stitches.

  2. The Montbrillant 1461 is, indeed a wonderful watch. It seems incredible that a watch like that cost less than $4000 when new. One of the reasons for this, of course, was the use of the ETA 2892A2 as the base of the movement. Most 1461s were not chronometers, further reducing the cost.

  3. This is a great collection. I like the Montbrillant 1461 the best. Personally, I’d put it on a brown or black croc strap, though.

  4. The Duograph (B15047,) Navitimer 92 (D30022) and Montbrillant 1461 Jours (A19030) are all 2892A2-based watches. They represent the flexibility of the best automatic movement Breitling (or anybody else, for that matter) has ever used. (It is better than the best in-house movements by Rolex, but unfortunately it is too cheap!)

    They are not integrated chronographs (as mentioned by George, the Duograph is not a chronograph at all.) The basic movement is very thin and allows the addition of chronograph modules and all sort of complications, like in the case of the 1461. Current 289X-based watches by Breitling are the Montbrillant, Montbrillant Olympus, Skyracer and even the Colt GMT+. Great watches all of them.

    I am thinking of getting a basic Montbrillant: I really like the retro (1940’s) look. It is sometimes said that the Navitimer is the oldest chronograph design still in production but, in fact, the Montbrillant is based on even earlier slide-rule “Chronomats.”

  5. Very nice collection. I wouldn’t mind doing my best Maverick impersonation while sporting that Top Gun. I think it would look better on a brown or black strap though. I agree with the others though that the 1461 is still the nicest of the 4.

  6. Yep, those are some nice pieces George. Those 1461’s are an engineering marvel. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

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