The 4th 01.

My favorite Breitling associate, Freddie as I call him, showed me a ridiculously cool new watch the brand is coming out with that I had no idea about.  As he and I were talking about the new limited edition pieces with the exhibition casebacks displaying the B01 movement, he asked me if I had seen pictures of the new Transocean.

The what!?  I definitely had not seen the new Transocean 01 limited edition, but I am very happy that I now have!  Thanks Freddie!

Transocean 01

This watch is awesome.  I am all about the Breitling chronograph pieces with the contrasting dial and subdials.  This 43mm watch looks extremely sharp.  The black dial features silver subs with a slightly off-color ring around them and showcases the date in between 4 and 5 o’clock.  The model is powered by the new B01 movement of course.

The watch will be limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide in steel and 200 pieces worldwide in gold.  It will be available in a black dial as well as a silver dial.  The stainless steel head will retail for $6,700 and can be put on a variety of different straps, should one prefer to wear it on something aside from the stainless steel mesh bracelet.

I have to say I am a huge fan of all of the new 01 limited edition pieces Breitling is coming out with.  I do not even know which one I would choose out of the four.

Chronomat 01, Montbrillant 1, Navitimer 01

What do you guys think?  If you could only have one, would you go with the Navitimer, the Chronomat, the Montbrillant or the Transocean?


12 thoughts on “The 4th 01.

  1. I’m afraid that I sound like a broken record… (DVD?) My vote goes for the Navitimer. The Transocean is incredibly clean and fresh looking while retaining the unmistakable Breitling feel. However, the Navitimer would be too difficult to resist.

  2. I have to admit that I like it when Breitling designs pieces as a “throwback”, in a sense. This reminds me of many of the late 60’s and early 70’s watches, except modernized w/ the new movement. I may have to put this on my list!

  3. I’m still going with the Chronomat. I like the Transocean, but I think it’s a bit too dressy and I’m not a fan of that bracelet. I like the retro look but would rather see it on a croc strap.

  4. The Transocean 01 seems to be the first Aeromarine to use the caliber B01. The crown, pushpieces and bracelet are derived from the SOH chrono. It also has subtle features from vintage Breitling chronographs, like the markers, on the minute counter, at 3, 6 and 9 minutes. It is definitely my favorite among the 01’s.

  5. George, at this price point, will this be part of the Aeromarine series? It seems to be a lot higher than all the current models. I know it has the B01, but would it be better for Breitling to keep prices down in the Aeromarine series?

    • I was only guessing that the new Transocean is an Aeromarine, because the last Breitling with this name was the Chrono Colt Transocean. The SuperOcean Heritage chronograph was well over $4000. Add the B01 premium and a “special edition” premium and there you are!

    • Breitling has yet to officially announce what series the Transocean 01 will be a part of, but there is talk that the brand may move away from identifying each individual piece as part of a series. The retail price of $6,700 in steel will be the same as that of the Montbrillant 01. The Navitimer 01 and Chronomat 01 will have retail prices in steel of $7,315 and $8,150 respectively. I think the fact that the Transocean 01 will have the B01 movement and will be a limited edition justifies the price tag. Do you agree? It is a pretty sharp looking piece…

      • A basic Montbrillant is about $4400 (I just bought one,) so the difference is the B01 and “limited edition” premium. The low price of the basic Montbrillant is due to the fact that has been in production for over ten years (although only recently it acquired a sapphire crystal.) You also have to take into account the collapsing value of the US$. It is amazing how cheap Breitling watches (all watches) are in the US! At the current prices, I am now planning to buy several (both used and new) every year before I retire and move to Italy.

      • It’s still going to be one I have to see in the flesh before I say it’s worth the price. I’d rather spend the extra money and buy the Chronomat, especially since it’s got the brushed finish compared to polished B01. Put the Transocean on a croc strap and you may convince me to pay that much. Instead of labeling it in the Aeromarine series, are you saying the Breitling will just have a B01 class which only has models with the in house movement?

      • Yes. From what I am told, a B01 movement series is the direction Breitling may be heading in.

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