The Charlie Sheen Watch

One of the most rare and sought after watches in the entire industry is the Patek Philippe Ref. 5970.  The perpetual calendar chronograph watch trades for approximately $150,000.  Finding one is nearly impossible, however, one may soon be hitting the secondary market.

Actor Charlie Sheen has a watch collection worth $5.6 million, and the prestigious Patek is a main part of it.  Currently, Charlie does not know where it is…

Apparently Sheen first realized that it was missing while he was in the Plaza Hotel in New York City.  Naturally, he tore apart his entire hotel room trying to find it and has reportedly accused pornstar Capri Anderson of stealing it.

The actor was supposedly drunk and high on drugs when he realized it was gone.  He threatened Capri, and she was forced to lock herself in the bathroom and call hotel security officials.

Don’t be surprised if you start to hear people refer to the Patek as “The Charlie Sheen” watch.  The timepiece is so rare that it could definitely resurface.  I hope for Charlie’s sake that it does.

As watch lovers, I am sure most of us can empathize with how horrible you would feel if you lost your holy grail watch that is essentially irreplaceable.  Now imagine if it was worth $150,000…

Patek Philippe Ref. 5970P


6 thoughts on “The Charlie Sheen Watch

  1. First of all I am a BIG fan of the BreitlingReport, as well as being an avid watch fan, and Breitling wearer.
    I am also a Charlie Sheen fan, and though exhibiting less than rare bouts of “trainwreckisms” in his personal life, I still find him to be a great actor, a funny and talented guy, and an overall likeable guy to those who can see past his obvious flaws…and last time I checked we all have them to some degree, albeit some worse than others, or at least more in the media eye.

    What I am not a fan of are watch thieves and pornstars…especially when they may be one and the same. Now, no one can be sure that the girl in Charlie’s room is the Patek Thief -or for that matter that Charlie didn’t trade it for some blow, a drink…or a lap dance, that he simply cannot remember. Let’s face it, stranger things have happened to this funny man. The good news is, most watch collectors willing to spend the kind of money that the Patek Philippe, Ref. 5970 will bring on the open market, would not want to chance buying a stolen one, even a stolen one worn by a famous actor who likes porn actors (because Star is way to big of word to describe that kind of acting). So hopefully the great timepiece will show up, somewhere between the A&E famous, Pawn Stars shop in Las Vegas, and the hotel lost and found. Either way, it’s too big of a red flag to be rocked on the wrist of a hotel employee or adult film star, so hopefully Charlie will get his watch back, Capri will get her 15 min. of fame -with her clothes on- and life as they know it will be back to normal for the folks that have no idea what normal is like.

    -Will Estell, VP/Publisher, 3G Media, LLC. Anniston, AL
    Author, Wisdom & Wisecracks for the Aspiring Business Owner; Wisdom & Wisecracks for Entrepreneurs

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