What to do when the ticking stops….

There is nothing worse for a watch lover than having to send in your watch for repair.  The realization that your watch is losing time, not holding its charge, or the chronograph function is malfunctioning is far from enjoyable.  Over the course of time, people cannot help but become emotionally attached to their timepiece.  No one wants to give up the watch they received from a loved one or the watch they wore when their first child got married or the watch they have been wearing every day for two years.  In a perfect world, timepieces would keep running and holding time forever.  Unfortunately, that is not the case…

All automatic watches should receive maintenance every three to five years, similar to how a car goes into a shop for periodic maintenance.  Meanwhile, watches will sometimes need servicing due to a mechanical flaw.  It is a major bummer, but it happens.  Most reputable watch companies, like Breitling, provide at least a two-year international warranty for their timepieces.

A real drag when you are getting a watch serviced is the uncertainty about when you will get it back. Other major concerns include what to do if you have no authorized dealers near you.  How much is it going to cost?  How do you know that an authorized watchmaker is going to be the one working on it?  What if the watch comes back worse off than when you sent it in?!

It would certainly be nice to not have to trek somewhere to get your prized possession serviced and to have complete peace of mind while the painful process takes place.  Well, there are now watch repair sites that do all the dirty work for you quickly and easily.

The Govberg Watch Repair website for instance, www.govbergwatchrepair.com, enables you to have your watch serviced in a secure and convenient way by a highly-trained, skilled watchmaker.  Whether it be a battery replacement or a complete overhaul of a complicated timepiece, you do not even have to go to a watch store to get your watch fixed.  All you have to do is complete three simple steps and you will have a free estimate and timetable for your watch to be returned to you in working order.

Govberg Watch Repair: Get A Free Estimate in 3 SIMPLE STEPS!

If you find the estimate to be too high, the watch will be shipped back to you for free.  If you want an update after approving an estimate, just track your watch under the repair status section of the site.

Govberg Watch Repair: Convenient Repair Tracking System

I dig it!  In a world where the Internet is becoming increasingly prevalent, I cannot see why this would not be the way to go for the inevitable time when our watches need to be revitalized.  Check it out!


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