Investment-Worthy Watches

I read an awesome article on CNBC the other day about vintage watches and the investment opportunities they can sometimes offer.  It is not out of the question for an older watch that is in scarce supply with functional complications, such as a chronograph or an annual calendar, to appreciate over time.

Apparently, most collectors who include watches in their investment portfolios believe the real value is in the vintage market.  With older, discontinued pieces, there is no threat of more units flooding into the market.  Exclusivity is what heightens the value.

When it comes to current production watches, most agree that they must be somewhat exclusive in order to be valuable.  CEO of Audemars Piguet North America, Francois-Henry Bennahmias, and A. Lange & Sohne US President, Gaetan Guillosson, both elude to this in the CNBC article.  Buyers of new luxury watches seem to have more of a desire now than ever before for watches to be limited in production.

Vintage and/or Exclusive lead to Value.

As many of you know, Breitling is rolling out several limited edition models.  I personally think this is a terrific move for the brand.  I am sure Breitling would be able to sell far more than 2,000 pieces of the new stainless steel Navitimer 01 and Chronomat 01 over the course of time.  The fact that they are only making a limited number of pieces makes these models far more valuable than if they were in continuous production.  In turn, it makes the overall brand and all of its models across the entire line more prestigious and valuable.

Most people want things that not everyone else has, especially in the watch industry.  For that reason, I think most new watches should be limited, which in turn makes them exclusive and consequently, more valuable. Do you agree with me?


3 thoughts on “Investment-Worthy Watches

  1. I like the limited edition aspect so that the watches will hold some value. I buy my watches on what I like and not as investment pieces, but if I were looking for a good investment, I think vintage would be the way to go since there just aren’t as many of that one piece out there.

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  3. Breitlings are different. In a recent article Bonhams watch expert paul Maudsley said, “Where a collector of another brand might be tempted to stick a rare example in the safe and bring it out only for gloved gloating, the Breitling collector straps it on his wrist and goes about his business. ”

    I agree, all of mine (Mont Brillant Legend, Crosswind, B2, Antares World, Astromat 1461) all get regular workouts. The Red Strike Blackbird I am getting for Christmas (argh, as I look at the wrapped box) will also, even though it is a limited edition.

    There are also low production number models that aren’t technically LE’s since they don’t have XXX/YYYY engraved on them, but some like the Antares World and Astromat 1461 had less than 1000 produced.

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