Perfectly Simple.

Bell & Ross is back on the map after having launched some hot new pieces.  Despite only being around since 1992, Bell & Ross has solidified itself as a reputable company in the watch industry.  Their watches are designed with a very similar purpose to those of Breitling: to be perfectly suitable for professional use.

Bell & Ross: Tools for Professional Use

The brand’s signature pieces are the BR01 and the BR03, square-shaped models with case diameters of 46mm and 42mm respectively.  Designed for pilots, the dials are clean and legible.  The watches also come with two straps.

The Bell & Ross Heritage line is absolutely awesome.  The BR01 and BR03 Heritage pieces were launched at Baselworld 2009.  The signature square-shaped cases feature a vintage cockpit dial inside of a black PVD-finished steel case on a tan colored strap that resembles the shade of a baseball glove.

The new vintage Heritage pieces, the Vintage 123 Heritage and the Vintage 126 Heritage, are particularly hot.  Both pieces are 41mm and feature the same sand-color photo luminescent coating on the numerals, indices and hands that the other Heritage pieces do.  These vintage Heritage pieces, however, have circular cases.

The vintage 123 Heritage features the time and date, while the vintage 126 Heritage incorporates a chronograph function on top of what the 123 offers.  I love these watches; they are simple, clean, sharp and different.  Meanwhile, they are very reasonably priced.  The 123 is tagged at $2,900, while the 126 retails for $4,200.

I personally prefer the 126 to the 123 because I feel the dial is more complete with the subdials for the chronograph.  On the other hand, the 123 is perfect in its simplicity, a feature that is signature to Bell & Ross.  Which do you prefer? Well played, Bell & Ross.  You are going to do well with these models.


6 thoughts on “Perfectly Simple.

  1. Magnificent colors! The strap even adds to the interest. Both pieces look outstanding. Like you, I prefer the 126. With the 123, I wish the date window had been also placed at the position between the 4 and 5.

  2. The 126 does look nice, but I’m not a fan of the colors. I’d like to see them in person to see how brown the numbers on the dials actually are. I do like these over the square cases that B&R makes.

  3. These new pieces are far more interesting to me than the BR01 and 03. I’ve never been a big B&R guy, but I think these pieces will definitely help bring more people to their brand. I’m not sure I’m quite ready, though.

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