Trigger Time

It’s time for me to finally pull the trigger.  I have been eying the SuperOcean II ever since it was released.  Pictures of the model are what first got me interested, and then the opportunity to see it in person made me realize that pictures do not do it justice.  The watch is flat out sick.

My wrist is on the smaller side, so the 42mm case is perfectly sized.  For those of you who prefer bigger watches, it may not be for you.  It definitely has a reasonably strong presence though, no matter what size you may be.

Similar to the Bell & Ross Vintage Heritage pieces I recently wrote about, the dial is clean and simple.  The date is displayed at 3 o’clock, luminescent hour markers are used at 12, 6 and 9 o’clock, and luminescent Arabic numerals are used to round out the watch.  The hour hands are perfect in size, and a unidirectional rotating rubber bezel gives the watch a nice sporty look.  I have heard some people say that the rubber material may allow the watch to get extremely hot in the sun, but that does not deter me at all.

The coolest aspect of the model is the ring inside the bezel.  The ring is offered in five different colors: black, yellow, red, blue and silver.  All five of them look incredibly hot.  The black dial, whatever colored ring, and the black bezel combine to make a sharp, sporty, sophisticated piece.  It’s money!

SuperOcean II

My big debate is whether to go with the black interior ring or the red interior ring…  Black and red are my favorite two colors, and I am repeatedly back and forth on which way to go.  The black seems to be more subtle, while the red definitely has more pop.  I was able to get them both on my wrist and it made things ever harder for me.  They both look awesome.  Which way to go?  That is the question…


11 thoughts on “Trigger Time

  1. I think I will vote for the red ring on this beauty. Then, start looking for a great black matte strap with red stitches perhaps? It is a nice size and the bezel should make it a great tool watch. What ever your final decision, it should be a great addition.

  2. As much as you love your Phils and I think that red would match their colors nicely, my vote goes for the black ring. I think in the end it’s more versatile. If you still have a few other options to wear, then I’d say get the red, but if this is going to be your only watch, you need to get the black. Personally, I’d go with the silver ring myself.

  3. If it was me, living in Pittsburgh, as I do, the ONLY option, is the yellow insert with black bezel. When will you ever get a chance to own a Steeler Breitling.

  4. Definitely the (Breitling) yellow one. I would actually buy a SO 2 if I did not already have a Seawolf as a diver watch. A potential problem is the use of the 2824-2 movement. It is very accurate in the chronometer version, but it needs to be rebuilt every 5 years or less, to stay accurate. This is not a real problem in a diver watch, because it needs be serviced frequently (by a certified Breitling service center,) to replace the gaskets that get corroded by ozone, deodorants, chlorine, etc. and to do a pressure test.

  5. Black or yellow, you can’t go wrong!

    This piece looks even better in person, it’s built like a tank and the bezel edges and case are absolutely gorgeous!

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