Girls Girls Girls

For those of you who read my last post, I ended up going with the Abyss Black SuperOcean II.  It was a tough choice, but I ultimately decided that the black ring is more versatile than the red.  People really dig the piece, and I have already received a boatload of compliments on it…

Over the weekend, my buddy emailed me the link to a hilarious video on  He prefaced by saying, “I can only imagine what type of watch this guy was wearing!”

To give you the gist, an older man is in his ridiculously hot Bugatti Veyron on one of the “poshest” streets of London. Quick to approach the guy is a tall blonde girl who looks to be in her twenties.  Shortly after talking to him, she whips out her cell phone and asks the driver for his number.  Either the guy said something incredibly witty or the girl was really just attracted to his $2 million dollar car…

We all know that chicks love cars, but we also know that they love watches too.  Watches are awesome conversation starters and unlike a car they go everywhere you go.  What is your Bugatti watch?


8 thoughts on “Girls Girls Girls

  1. I am not completely convinced that the beautiful blonde gave her number on the spot, solely because the “older” man was whipping a Bugatti. In the summer of 09 I was driving the Rolls Royce Phantom around for most of the summer and still produced Pat Burrell numbers in the lady department. That being said, the driver of the Bugatti could have been wearing a Richard Mille RM 008 Tourbillon( which is my Bugatti watch). The blonde was so intrigued by the mans watch and asked where should could find such a magnificent timepiece. He gave her the number of the Rep and told her to drop his name for a 8% discount, winking at her as his transparent sapphire crystal colored dial quickly diminished as he drove away in the London sunset.

  2. George, good choice on going with the Abyss black Superocean II. The RM would be a great choice for your Bugatti watch. I still like the Patek 5712 as my choice. I agree that watches are a great ice breaker in conversations and it’s always nice when the ladies notice them.

  3. I should add that I am ordering that band for my Red Strike BlackBird I am getting for Christmas (I love it when my wife tells me to shop for myself… LOL)

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