A Hidden eBay Treasure.

A while back I wrote about how vintage watches can sometimes drastically appreciate over time.  An eBay purchase from last week shows that I definitely was not lying!

A retired neurosurgeon named Bob recently decided that it was time to unload some old souvenirs, one of them being a vintage Rolex Submariner that had been sitting in his dresser drawer for several years.  The dive watch, with reference number 5510, was the same model Sean Connery wore in the early Bond films.

Bob originally purchased the watch in 1958 for $70 at the Navy Exchange on Kwajalein Atoll because he wanted a timepiece that he could dive with.  He wore it all the time for around a decade and then off and on until he started scuba diving in the 80s at his vacation home in the Bahamas.

Vintage Rolex Submariner listed on eBay.

Last week, Bob thought it was time for the watch to go into the hands of a new owner and listed it on eBay for $9.95, the price of a chicken caesar salad at Saladworks or a CD on iTunes.  The 81-year-old thought he had no good reason to investigate the watch’s worth, and figured the market value would be determined on eBay.  To Bob’s surprise, watch collectors caught word of this timepiece and they wanted it…badly!

When Bob saw that the ebay bidding had gone to $30,000, he thought it was a mistake.  When the bidding finally ended, it went for a whopping $66,100.  No mistake.  Not a bad investment, huh?  Well done, Bob!

To see the questions and answers between eBay users and Bob, click HERE.


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