The Cool Greys…

I was walking down Walnut Street in center city Philadelphia yesterday morning and saw a group of people camping out in front of a trendy sneaker store called UBIQ.  This was not the first time I had seen people sitting in chairs, listening to music and trying to pass time in front of the footwear boutique.

I figured a cool new shoe had to be arriving today, so I approached one of the guys and asked him what was coming out.  “The Cool Greys,” he said.

I had no idea what he was referring to, but after doing a bit of research on the Internet I was able to confirm that he was referencing the Cool Grey Air Jordan 11 shoes.  Apparently these were the kicks Michael Jordan wore in his final game against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

Cool Greys

I love that people were so pumped about the release of a new shoe!  Their anticipation was probably extremely similar to that of watch addicts when they are awaiting the arrival of a new timepiece.

What was the last watch that had as much anticipation as the Cool Greys?  What is the next watch that people will line up to wait for?

I guess time will tell…  Merry Xmas to all!!!


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