An eBay wonder…part two.

For those of you who read my post about the vintage Rolex Submariner that ended up being a hidden eBay treasure, the deal has now been finalized and a mild controversy has been averted.  The 5510 Submariner was listed on eBay at no reserve in early December and ended up selling for $66,100.

Hodinkee broke the story about how the buyer and seller rendezvoused in the workshop of a well-respected horologist by the name of Bob Ridley.  The deal was finalized there after the watch was opened up and inspected.  The dial was in pristine condition and the 1530 movement was operating perfectly.

Apparently some people were critical of Bob and his watch due to the fact that the bracelet was not from the time period during which he bought the watch at the Navy Exchange on Kwajalein Atoll.  Those people were just jealous!  Once the watch was opened up, the three men noticed an “8-71” written on the caseback, indicating that the watch was serviced in August of 1971 and explaining why the older style bracelet was on the watch.

Vintage Rolex Submariner, serviced in 1971.

This crazy transaction was easily one of the best watch stories from 2010.  Be prepared for many more in 2011!!!


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