Fine and Rare: The Navitimer Perpetual Rattrapante

A friend of mine had been telling me for weeks that I needed to check out a watch that he has.  I finally got a chance to get over to his place last night, and he was able to show me what I like to call an absolute beast.  He told me it would not disappoint and he definitely was not lying.

At first glance the watch looked like a standard black dial Navitimer.  I then noticed that it had four subdials as opposed to three, and realized that the watch felt extremely heavy.  The pusher at 10 o’clock gave it away that this was a seriously complicated timepiece.

After I stared at the timepiece in awe for around thirty seconds, I looked at him and said, “Perpetual rattrapante, huh?”  He responded, “Platinum perpetual rattrapante.”  We both immediately started laughing…

What a watch!  It is not every day that you see a perpetual calendar split-second chronograph movement. A perpetual calendar watch takes into account the different lengths of the months of the year as well as the leap year’s day in February.  A split-second chronograph is a watch that includes two separate stopwatch mechanisms to help time events with two different durations.  The combination of the two is simply incredible and not something you see every day.

Navitimer Perpetual Rattrapante - caseback

Apparently there were only ten pieces of this model made in platinum.  This particular watch was limited edition number 03/10. What is crazy is that my friend told me the gold version of the watch is arguably even nicer than this platinum one and has a blue face.  I would love to see that version in person, but hey, after that, I am not complaining.

Breitling Navitimer Perpetual Rattrapante


2 thoughts on “Fine and Rare: The Navitimer Perpetual Rattrapante

  1. Certainly a fantastic movement! I could do without the platinum or the gold. While the complications might normally deserve the rare metals in another companies piece, I believe that this being a Breitling, it looks more at home in a stainless steel case. It’s a shame our friends in Wilton have not made the effort to produce more of these for the collectors…..

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