Electric Slyde

In an overwhelmingly digital world, it is no surprise that a Swiss watchmaker decided to follow the trend. At this year’s Geneva Time Exhibition, an event held at the same time as SIHH, HD3 Complications debuted their prototype of the much anticipated Slyde watch.

The HD3 Slyde features a square case, available in titanium or pink gold, with an LCD touch screen under a curved sapphire crystal. The watch is available on a leather, alligator or rubber strap and is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

The Slyde’s main feature is the LCD touch screen dial, which has a full color digital readout. The watch has no buttons and is completely controlled by the slide of a finger, hence the name “Slyde.” The watch charges in a dock and has three battery indicator lights on the side of the case.


The Slyde has several watch dial screens and is available with a countdown timer, a moon phase indicator, a world time display and several other horological functions. There is also an option to upload your own images onto the Slyde and have them converted into specialty dials.

My question to you…bang or bust? Will the Slyde catch on or is it nothing more than an amped-up iPod nano?


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