Book & Winder GIVEAWAY!

I have received several emails over the last couple weeks from people who have told me that they really enjoy reading my blog and appreciate me keeping up with it.  I cannot tell you how happy that makes me!  I love blogging and hope that The Breitling Report continues to be interesting and informative for my readers.

In hopes of keeping people entertained, I am asking for some recommendations on what people would like to read about.  Next Monday, I am going to see an authorized watchmaker working with some complicated timepieces.  He is authorized to work on watches from an extensive amount of brands that includes Rolex, Breitling and Patek Philippe.  I am definitely going to share that experience as I think it is going to be really cool to see in person.  I will be sure to provide lots of pictures and even a video of him in action.  I am also going to be sure to keep people informed on the newest releases and the latest news in the industry, with a special focus on Breitling obviously.

What else would people like to read about?  In order to find out, I am offering another free giveaway!  If you are willing to follow me on twitter and either email me or comment on this blog with a quick idea of what you would like to read about on The Breitling Report, you will be entered into a raffle to win both a brand new copy of Breitling The Book and an Underwood single module coated watch winder.

Breitling The Book is a gorgeous hardback book on Breitling’s history and the evolution of their signature models.  Meanwhile, the Underwood single module coated winder is a perfect way to keep an automatic watch in its best working condition.  The winder can be operated either by battery or an AC adapter.

Help me keep you guys entertained!  I really appreciate your help and hope to make The Breitling Report one of the best watch blogs on the web.  The winner will be announced next Friday, meaning people have a week to make some thoughtful suggestions.  THANKS!!!


29 thoughts on “Book & Winder GIVEAWAY!

  1. Great question/topic. I think a progressive series about the automatic movement, especially how it applies to Breitling would be great. Especially after your “watchmaker” posting.

    It would be really cool to really take an in depth look at what makes these watches so special. Make them more than just a pretty face, if you get my drift.

    I for one, am a huge geek for that stuff, and I bet a lot of your readers are too.



  2. I would like to read (photo documented) articles about how watches are serviced. (not just the complicated ones, everyday watches). I would like to see photo’s of a watch that has gone for a while without service and read what was required. Articles about watch restoration. Articles about problem issues with different watches (not intending to “bad mouth” ANY). Photo documentation of face and cosmetic restoration.

  3. Hi George,
    Great blog ! I especially enjoy seeing rare Breitling watches that you sometimes feature.
    One of mine is the 1/1000 Chrono-Matic 24 hour dial with the winding stem on the “left” side.
    Just beautiful !

  4. i think one article that could be a reoccurring theme would be the wearers of Breitling extensive range. My wife called me into the the living room just the other week to ask what kind of watch a lady on Atlanta housewives was waring as my 15 year old daughter is a Breitling lover and a watch lover just like me and she said it was indeed a Breitling and my wife doubted her. Needless to say she was right but it got us all talking about who wears what watch and why do we think they ware them ?
    Just an idea hope it helps.

  5. Great giveaway George. With Basel right around the corner, I’d love to read about any insights you have into what some of the brands are going to be introducing at the show. Once the show is complete, it would be nice to have a series of posts with your thoughts and opinions on the new arrivals. How about more aticles about some of your best customers and how their collections have evolved? Another one would be to have a guest column once in awhile, maybe get Brian to post something.

  6. I would really like to read about vintage watches and the history behind them (selected, historically important for each brand, that kind of thing).

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi George,

    Nice giveaway! I’d like to see Breitling’s B01 facility. One of the print maggazines had a nice writeup on Rolex’s Daytona manufacturing line, and it was fascinating! Any chance?

    Keep up the great work!


  8. Just discovered your Blog George and I am hooked! I would like to read more about the making of a Breitling. Where the components are made and assembled and what modifications (in detail) Breitling makes to their base movements.

  9. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts and any inside info you might have as to why Breitling seems to be moving away from brighter colored dials (coral, yellow) on the dive watches. Seems like the SO II with the yellow ring is the only options these days. The coral/yellow seems like a natural for a dive watch. Why the focus on black, blue, white so much?

  10. Hey George,

    love reading the blog! keep up the good work.

    I would love to see a breakdown comparison between the Breitling Caliber13 movement and the Breitling B01.

    I think it would really be interesting to see the working components in each compared. As well as really seeing the beautiful construction of the new B01.

    Thanks for a wonderful resource for an awesome watch maker!


  11. Good morning George,

    One of the main reasons I’m attracted to automatic watches is not just the mechanics of the movement but the quality and precision of the small parts that go into it. I’d be interested in learning how some of the parts, such as the tiny screws are manufactured (also, how things like how small applied markers, logos, etc. are applied to dials). Thanks.


  12. George, I really enjoy your website. I would like to see more comparisons of Breitling watches with other quality watches. For people trying to build a collection I think this would be interesting as well as helpful.

  13. I would love to see some more basic info. Like a time line on how Breitling watches have progressed as well as how the new movements have affected their sales and or company strategy.

  14. Hey George, great blog.

    Something I believe would be really neat, is somewhat of a ‘find your personal Breitling’ posting. There are a lot of potential Breitling owners that are a little confused as to what Breitling they would like as there are so many models. You could maybe do a bit on what each line pertains to, noting such features as water resistance, thickness, etc……and just mention how this might appeal to someone looking for a dress watch (Navitimer), or an everyday tool watch (Steelfish). This could clarify some questions a lot of people have and would really help narrow down Breitling’s vast selection!

  15. George, I have really enjoyed your musings. I would find it interesting for you to compare Breitling watches with other high end watches. Your expertise would be a helpful for those of us trying to build a collection.

  16. I have to say this is a great site for fans of Breitlings. It would be nice to see articles on their history (yesterday and today), reviews and comparisons on current and past models (not to level out what Doug suggest with other brands), and your point of view. Keep up the good work and look forward to coming back.

  17. George, I always enjoy reading your opinions and insights on high-end time pieaces. Being a novice, your blog allows me a little more knowledge on the craft and art of these tools we keep on our writsts. Being a breitling owner, I appreciate the ‘ling influence of your blogs.

    keep up the great work.

  18. Well I have only discovered this site by this giveaway.. So couldn’t possibly comment on way to improve but give me a while!.. Looks great and keep up the good work George…. cant wait to stuck in

  19. George,
    thanks for the great blog.
    I think it would be great if you could write more about upcoming Baselworld2011! Which watches are about to come, your opinion on those, etc..

  20. I’d like to see an article about the Bently models and what differentiates them from similar Breitlings. Thanks for the blog, it’s a great info source and fun read.

  21. I am fascinated by the links between watches, and other time pieces, and how they have affected processes of musical composition. This includes very recent practices of contemporary sound design where the ability to measure time so precisely is a key component in creating sound design for film, computer games, etc. It would be great to explore that on the blog!

  22. Hi George, keep up the good work. How about an article from owners who’s watches have “Saved the day.” I’m sure there are people out there who have interesting stories.

  23. Hey great blog. I’d like to see a blog post about all the custom military watches that Breitling does such as the f-16, F-15, Weapons School graduate, B-2, U-2 so on and so forth.

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