I took a trip down to Florida this past weekend and got a chance to catch some much-needed rays.  When I left the sunshine state, it was eighty degrees and sunny.  When I landed back in Philly, it was snowing…  It has been quite the winter up north.

In addition to enjoying some sun in Florida, I also got a chance to see one of the most blinged-out Breitlings I think anyone will ever see.  The owner was a really cool guy and let me check it out once I complimented him on it.  His limited edition yellow gold Flying B was fully encrusted with diamonds, and when I say fully encrusted, I mean fully encrusted…  This thing was iced out to the max!

Breitling really does make a watch for everyone.  Some people have told me that because the line is so extensive, it is confusing for them to figure out which one is the right one.  I plan on writing a blog in the near future about which Breitling model I would recommend for whatever timepiece configuration someone is looking for.  Hopefully it will help.

I have been rocking what I consider to be a somewhat understated sports watch with the Abyss Black Superocean II.  It was pretty hilarious looking at it next to the diamond dial, diamond bezel, diamond bracelet yellow gold Flying B.  Which do you think is more understated?


3 thoughts on “Understated

  1. That sure is some bling. I admire the craftmanship like Gerald said, but that’s not anything I’d ever wear if I had the money. I’d leave it at diamonds on the bezel. It almost looks like a fake with all those diamonds on it.

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