Have you seen me?

Hello watch world!  This is my first foray into watch blogging, and I hope you enjoy.  I have been an avid fan of the Breitling Report for a while now, so I was very excited when George approached me to be the first guest blogger.  I had been mulling over topics and just as I had given up hope, a great story came across my desk. What does it involve you ask?  Grand Larceny, Brazilian models, a Rolls Royce, and of course, a Patek Philippe.

Paolo Zampolli took it to another level when 3 watches – a Patek Philippe 5980R, a Bamford Rolex Daytona, and a Yacht Master II Rolex – totaling $140,000 were stolen from his Gramercy Park residence. The crown jewel, a 5980R, was a gift given to his son for his first Christmas. Although one watch was recovered, Zampolli took the retrieval of the Patek into his own hands, plastering ads for a $50,000 reward on his Rolls Royce Phantom.  New Yorkers were delighted to see the car driving around town.  The link below has the full story.


After reading the article, I asked myself what someone else would do if they had their watch stolen.  I decided to set up a small experiment.  After delicately removing George’s SuperOcean II that was sitting on his desk, I played dumb when he asked if I had seen it.  George proceeded to tape the flyer, found above, around the building.

How far would you go to get your watch back if it was stolen?

– Brian


2 thoughts on “Have you seen me?

  1. I’d like to sound manly and put a few rounds into the brain pan of the criminal…but I’d probably just contact the insurance agent, too…..

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