The SuperSporty Release

Over the past few weeks, several people have asked for me what Breitling is planning on releasing at this year’s Baselworld.   I have several predictions, but one model I am now sure they will be unveiling is the Bentley Supersports Light Body watch.

A few weeks ago, in northern Finland, a special version of this watch was worn to set a new world record speed on ice.  Juha Kankkunen, the record-setting driver, used a special version Bentley Continental GTC Supersport to reach an impressive speed of 205.48 mph (330.695 km/h) over the frozen waters of the Baltic Sea.  The temperature of the water fluctuated between 30% and 20% Celcius while he was driving.  The new world record shattered the previous 2007 record, which was also set by Bentley with a Continental GT.

The limited edition Bentley Supersports Light Body watch boasts an ultra-light titanium case, speculated to be at least 45mm in size, with an automatic COSC Chronometer certified chronograph movement inside. The red and black dial with the black rubber strap gives the watch a unique and sporty look. Like many Breitlings, the Supersports Light Body has a rotating slide rule bezel, which is capable of many a calculation, as I hope many of you now know!


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