Basel Breitlings

I told one of my buddies who is in Basel to try and get me some pictures of Breitling’s newest releases, and he came through for me with flying colors!  Well played!  I was wondering what the brand was going to release in smaller casesizes, and I am pretty impressed with what I am seeing.

Apparently the brand representatives told my friend they will no longer have families of watches.  The Navitimer, Windrider, Professional and Aeromarine classifications will no longer be used.  Meanwhile, the new Navitimer will be using the B01 movment and have a solid caseback, as opposed to the limited edition Navitimer 01 which has the transparent back.

The watches pictured are two new Chrono Superoceans, two Transoceans and a 44mm Superocean.  I am a fan of all of them.  I cannot help but compare the 44mm Superocean to my Abyss Black Superocean II.  I personally prefer the Arabic numerals to the stick markers on this model as I believe it gives the dial more substance, but the new 44mm version definitely is pretty sweet.

I also love how the Chrono Superocens are now using the same bezel as the regular Superoceans.  I always thought of the Chrono Superocean as a day and date chrono, however, which I can no longer do.  That model was one of the best values in the line with all of the features it offered in my mind.

The Transocean looks super classy.  I have yet to see the Transocean 01 in person and cannot wait.  I think the model is a great compliment to all of the new sporty watches the brand has released.  I also say cheers to the Superocean GMT, the limited edition Navitimer 1461 the “Flying Fish” that my friend was not able to get pictures of.  Overall, I definitely give Breitling two thumbs up.


3 thoughts on “Basel Breitlings

  1. The Transocean should wear as an impressively large watch with its clean face and thin bezel. It is a nice touch that the color of the background of the date matches the face color. The frame around the date seems to compliment the “cross hair” lines and the hour markers. Nice mesh bracelet!

  2. The Chrono Superocean looks a little better when I first saw it. I still don’t get why they discontinued the Steelfish for the SO 44. The Transocean Chrono is stll my favorite new release.

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