Baselworld Wrap-Up

It certainly has been an exciting week.  VCU and Butler in the final four!?  You have got to be kidding me!  If you had either of those two schools playing for a spot in the National Championship, I am not sure whether to tell you that you are a genius or crazy.  It would be great if one of them could win the whole thing.  Across the Atlantic, the Baselworld Fair has kept me equally as entertained.

One of the watches I have received the most questions about is the new Rolex Explorer II.  Clearly Rolex does not think the transition to larger watches is dying down, as the new GMT watch will be 2mm larger in size than the GMT Master II at 42mm.  A larger parachrom hairspring 3187 movement will be used inside the larger case as opposed to the 3186 movement that is used in the GMT Master II.

I am typically a fan of more subtle watches with a brushed finish, but I must say I like the GMT Master II more than the new Explorer II from seeing pictures.  Don’t get me wrong, the new Explorer II looks hot, but I think the ceramic bezel on the GMT Master II and the bracelet with the polished center links gives the GMT II just the right amount of pop.  Do you agree?

I also like that Rolex put the Yachmaster II in a two-tone case.  It is an extremely cool movement that is in that watch, and the fact that it will no longer just be in a precious metal case will allow more people to enjoy it due to the lower price tag.

Another watch that really caught my eye is the 5164 from Patek Philippe.  I have been digging the Aquanauts more and more over the last couple of months.  This new GMT version should be sweet.  Aquanauts lie incredibly well on the wrist and make for fantastic sportswatches.

Bell & Ross announced a new Red Radar watch, which looks extremely funky and innovative.  I love how you think you have seen it all in the watch world and then a brand comes out with something you never would have thought of.  On the radar watch, three concentric discs are marked with three luminous red beams.  Where these increasingly shaded color beams begin is where the minutes and seconds can be read.  I would love to see one of these bad boys operate in person.

The Bell & Ross Vintage Original Carbon looks pretty sweet from pictures as well.  I love the dark brown strap on the carbon case.  Obviously most of you know I am a big fan of the strap and case combinations Bell & Ross comes up with.  This model looks to be a sweet configuration as well.

I have heard mixed reviews from people about this year’s Baselworld releases.  Some people think the overall show was awesome, while others do not seem to be overly impressed by the newest releases to the industry.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Baselworld Wrap-Up

  1. To me, the Patek Philippe 5164 is an example of how exciting a design which has been around for years can look with just a fine revision or modification.

    While I really like the Bell & Ross 123 and 126 models, with their innovative straps,their various square pieces could stay on the shelf.

  2. The Red Radar looks like a cool piece. I can’t wait to try on the new Exp II to see how the size compares to the previous version as well as the ceramic Sub.

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