Anonimo – The Next Cult Brand?

Breitling and Panerai are two brands I would refer to as “cult brands.”  Often times, people who own a ‘Ling or a PAM do not own just one.  Both brands are addicting and have a way of attracting collectors with all of the various models they offer.  Once you own one, you want them all.

A brand that has been catching my eye lately, which seems extremely similar to Breitling and Panerai in a lot of ways, is Anonimo.  The brand was founded in 1997 by designer and entrepreneur Frederico Massacesi.  Based in Florence, Italy, Massacesi’s vision was to create a company that specialized in unique Italian timepieces while staying loyal to the Florentine tradition of watch making.

Massacesi chose Anonimo, the Italian word for anonymous, as his brand name, because it represented the fundamental philosophy of his company.  Massacesi’s principle was that Anonimo watches are not about the company, but rather the individuals who wear them; the watches are meant to be an expression of the personality of the wearer.

When Panerai moved its headquarters from Florence, Italy to Neuchatel, Switzerland, many of their veteran watchmakers stayed behind to work for Anonomio.  For that reason, some Anonimo timepieces look extremely similar to some Panerai watches.

The Anonomio Millemetri features a 42mm sand-blasted and satinated stainless steel case with a screw-down crown and a manual helium expulsion valve.  The simple face and case design give it a very Panerai-eque look.

One of my favorite Anonimo models is the Wafarer II.  The watch features the date at 3 o’clock, a GMT function and a power reserve indicator.  The sand-blasted stainless steel case is coated with an Ox-Pro blackening treatment to give it an awesome dark look.  I am a huge fan.

The Crono Militare is another sweet piece that Anonomio makes.  It is quite unique for an automatic chronograph as the crown is located at 6 o’clock, while the chronograph pushers are located on the left side of the case, as opposed to the right.  The strap compliments the watch perfectly as the stitching matches the color of the hour markers and Arabic numerals.

My question to you is this: Could Anonimo, a watch manufacturer that is just over ten years old, ultimately become a “cult brand” like Breitling or Panerai?


5 thoughts on “Anonimo – The Next Cult Brand?

  1. I’ve got a feeling that you are “spot on”! Anonimo has a nice variety of materials and finishes that they use for their cases without going to extreme with gimmicks. Yes, like all makers, there are some models I am more drawn to than others. The Millemetri catches my eye… I like the bronze case, the Drass dark treatment. The strap treatment is also a distinguishing mark for this company that helps it to stand out. With a good number of the photos I’ve seen, the hands seem a little on the “anemic” side.

    George… may I “throw” out another maker who has been around for some time, however, I feel is rapidly catching on? Ball

    • Ball is a watch brand that I am not too familiar with. From what I do know, however, it does seem like another niche brand. When I speak to people who own a Ball watch, they seem to love it. Great call, Gerald!

  2. It’s one to keep an eye on. I think their Zeno Dei line mirrors B 4 B so an excelent choice for cult status. However, I’m not sure that Breitling, Panerai, or Anomino wide distribution warrants a cult moniker. Just go on WUS and just about every day you can find some model from all 3 brands. To me, a cult watch is more like the PRS2 Dreadnought. Cool story behind it and limited production. Only 2000.

    Just my two cents. BTW, still love my ‘ling.

  3. I do like some of the Anonimos, but some of them are a little out there for me. I really like the professional models, such as the GMT and chrono models. The bracelet on the chrono model looks amazing. They’re cool watches and I like that they have some Panerai DNA, but I can’t see myself ever picking one up.

  4. While they are beautiful watches, they are extremely overpriced for what they are. Good concept, lousy execution is what I’d say. The designs are fantastic, but the lack of lumed numbers and any type of rotating/useful bezel makes most of their watches worthless as dive watches. The model you featured for this article – the Professionalle 6000 – initially retailed for over $8,000 USD; however, they can be found on eBay for as little as $2,500.

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