All About the Families – GIVEAWAY!

I am told by Breitling officials that the brand is no longer going to reference their watches as part of the various families.  In the past, Breitlng has labeled all of the models in their extensive line as part of a subset of watches.  For instance, the Montbrillant Datora was part of the Navitimer line, while the Airwolf Raven was part of the Professional series.

Next week I am going to give a run down of each family.  There are five families, so I think it would be fitting to analyze one family a day every day next week.  I will say which watch is my favorite and why from each group, and then leave a poll to see which model is the favorite of my readers.

A lot of people have asked me to analyze each family since the Breitling line can be somewhat overwhelming.  They make so many different models!  Hopefully it will help and let people see what others Breitling enthusiasts like the most.

If you vote every day next week, you will be entered into the running for another free giveaway.  This time around, it will be a Breitling utility knife and a Breitling lighter case.  They are both sweet!  The more people that vote, the better the results will be.  So be on the lookout next week!  It should not take much time for a chance to win some cool new Breitling toys.

On another note, has anyone listened to the Breitling radio on their website?  I have been listening to it this morning for the first time and I kind of dig it.  It is tough to describe.  I would say it is an assortment of upbeat, somewhat trancy songs that put you in a good mood and that you can listen to while working.  Is Breitling trying to create a lifestyle with this station?  Do most Breitling owners like it?


4 thoughts on “All About the Families – GIVEAWAY!

  1. The Breitling Radio is just not my cup of hot chocolate. I live on a quiet island and find that I REALLY like the lack of extra sound.

    It seems that you will be quite busy next week. This new work promises to be a great read! In advance… Thank You for your ongoing efforts to provide a great Breitling Report.

  2. I Love the knife, and really need the lighter case, I am smoker and need it.
    Radio Breitling seems cool, i will favr it…Thank you for the new lifestyle

  3. “Not Found, Error 404
    The page you are looking for no longer exists.”

    George, link is down, or my filter blocked it. 😦


    • Hi Larry,

      Thank you for letting me know. The link should be corrected now. Hope you enjoy Breitling Radio and thanks for following the blog!


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