Family Series: The Windrider

*I have added a copy of Breitling The Book to the giveaway to keep people interested in voting and posting a quick comment over the next several days.  I greatly appreciate everyone doing so!  It only helps the results be a more accurate portrayal of the general public’s overall opinion.

The second group of watches Breitling has categorized over the last several years has been the Windrider family.  The models in the Windrider line all stem from the Chronomat, a signature Breitling watch that was developed in conjunction with the Frecce Tricolori, the Italian air force.

The Chronomat is a 43.7mm chronograph featuring a rotating rider-tab bezel.  It was made in a variety of different dial colors, but all variations featured the Breitling 13 COSC certified movement.

The Chronomat 01 is a 43.5mm watch that was a huge release for the brand.  The model is powered by Breitling’s first ever movement produced entirely in-house.  The dial is available with stick markers or Roman numerals in a wide variety of colors, while the unidirectional rotating bezel features engraved Arabic numerals.

The Blackbird is a 43.7 mm watch that has a double-window date display at 12 o’clock.  The model was made in a satin finish as well as a polished finish with either a black dial or a blue dial featuring black subdials known as the “blackeye blue” dial.  The watch was also made in a limited edition blacksteel version.

The Breitling Galactic models are produced in 41mm, 39mm, 36mm, 32mm and 30mm cases.  All of the Galactic watches feature a “cosmopolitan” design with a subtle pop.  The Galactic 41 is a watch designed for those who do not need a chronograph function.  It features a double-window date displace at three o’clock and stick hour markers.  The model is powered by the COSC certified Breitling 49 movement.

The Chrono Galactic is a 39mm chronograph with a single-window date display featuring a dial of carefully calculated proportions.  The black, blue and silver dials all alternate shades as you move across the dial.

The Galactic 36, Galactic 32 and Galactic 30 are all catered to ladies.  The Galactic 36 is automatic and features a seconds subdials at 6 o’clock.  The Galactic 32 and Galactic 30 are battery operated and available in stainless steel or two-tone with either 18kt yellow gold or 18kt rose gold.

The Cockpit was a 41mm watch that is eerily similar in design to the Galactic 41.  The only main differences between the Breitling Cockpit models and the Breitling Galactic models are the bezel and the shape of the textured center portion of the dial.  The Cockpit, Chrono Cockpit and Cockpit Lady all use the same movements as their respective replacements, the Galactic 41, the Chrono Galactic and the Galactic 32.

The last model labeled in the Breitling Windrider line over the last year has been the Starliner.  The 30mm ladies piece features a quartz movement and an integrated bracelet in either stainless steel, stainless steel and 18kt rose gold, stainless steel and 18kt yellow gold or solely 18kt rose gold.

So, which Breitling is your favorite from last year’s Windrider collection?


23 thoughts on “Family Series: The Windrider

  1. This model looks a bit more mechanical so it is not my favorite… still the design and symmetry are outstanding. Adding one would give my collection a new branch.,,,,

  2. Even though I voted for the Chronomat 01, I think there is a a greater portion of my heart with the Galactic 41. The smooth design really pulls at my heart strings.

  3. I have to vote for the cockpit. Just a great all purpose watch that is very versatile. Looks great with a bracelet or strap, and the big date is just the icing

  4. The Chrono Cockpit is the one i really like, one small negative side is the size, its a little to small for most of the people…

    The chronomat is ofcourse a iconic watch but i still prefer the Cockpit!

  5. I voted Chronomat by default, because it looks like George forgot to add the Blackbird to the poll. Given the enthusiasm for that model I see expressed on web forums, I can’t help but think the poll results would be fairly different if the Blackbird were on it. That is my favorite Windrider among the current offerings (even though it is slated to be discontinued, alas). However, my real favorite Windrider is the long-discontinued Crosswind – about as classic as it gets, and most likely my next Breitling. This is my second comment in as many days where my favorite model in a range has already been discontinued (yesterday it was the Montbrillant Olympus) – not exactly an encouraging sign for me about the direction Breitling is going.

      • Shoot…did I miss it? I went over the poll several times. After reading your post, I looked over the list again, and it jumped out at me. Weird. OK, my previous post is kind of lame now.

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