Family Series: The Aeromarine

The fourth 2010-2011 Breitling family, the Aeromarine series, is the most extensive one with 17 different models.  All of the watches in the family are sporty, sturdy and reliable.  Deep breath, here goes…

The Avenger is a 45mm chronograph known for easy readability and user friendliness.  The model features a screw-down crown and is water resistant to 300 meters.  The model is available with Arabic numerals or baton markers in either a black, blue, gray or silver dial.

The Super Avenger boasts a whopping 48.4mm case with large sized hands and either Arabic numerals or baton markers.  It is available in either a silver, black or blue dial and was made in a limited edition blacksteel version, which was super hot.

The Avenger Seawolf is a 45.4mm diver’s watch that is water resistant to 3,000 meters.  The watch has a safety valve allowing it to balance pressure and release helium when needed.  The watch is extremely legible either in the dark or under water with Super-LumiNova luminescent hourmarkers, Arabic numerals and hands.  The model features a brushed case and is available in either a black, blue, gray or yellow dial.

The Avenger Seawolf Chrono is a quartz chronograph that is water resistant to 1000 meters thanks to Breitling’s patented magnetic pushpiece.  The watch is also equipped with a “Yachting” feature to count down the ten minutes prior to the start of a Regatta.  The model was just made in a blacksteel limited edition version.

The Superocean was initially launched in 1957 to be compatible with maritime depths.  The original Superocean was water resistant to 200 meters.  The latest Superocean is compatible to 1500 meters.  Like the other watches in this family, the model is extremely legible with its oversized hands and triangular hour hand inspired from the 1950s.

The Supreocean II has the same great functionally of the Superocean but with a new and unique appearance.  Breitling decided to give a fresh look to this model with a rubberized bezel and a colorized ring around the exterior of the dial.  As my avid readers know, I own an Abyss Black Superocean II and couldn’t be happier with it.

The Chrono Superocean is a diving watch with a 1/4th second chronograph.  The model features the day and the date as well as contrasting subdials.  The watch is also water resistant to 500 meters.  Talk about a great bang for your buck!  The model was made in a black dial with silver subdials, a blue dial with silver subdials and a silver dial with blue subdials.

The Superocean Steelfish is a combination of technical and aesthetic refinement.  The model features a brushed finish and is water resistant to 2000 meters with a security valve to balance the pressure at great depths.  The dial has the date at three o’clock and luminescent hourmarkers.  It was made in a silver, blue or black dial.

The Superocean Heritage was made in a 46mm case size as well as a 38mm case size.  The 38mm case size is going to be replaced by the 42mm case size by the end of the year.  The 46mm version features the date at 6 o’clock and a center sweeping seconds hand.  The 38mm SOH features the date at three o’clock and a seconds subdial at six o’clock.  Each version was made in a black, blue, bronze or silver dial.

The Superocean Heritage Chronograph features a 46mm case with the date at three o’clock.  The watch is water resistant to 200 meters and is available in a black, blue, bronze or silver dial.

The Chrono Colt is the most complicated Colt model in the Aeromarine line.   It is superquartz and has the highest level of finishing.  The chronograph watch is able to measure time within the nearsest 1/10th of a second.  The model was made in a silver dial with blue subdials, a black dial with silver subdials and a silver dial with blue subdials.

The Colt GMT is a 40.5mm watch featuring Arabic numerals and a second timezone.  The second timezone is indicated by an extra hand with a red arrow at the end of it pointing to the military time hours listed in a circle around the interior of the dial.  It is automatic and available in a black, blue or silver dial.

The Colt GMT+ is a 41.3mm watch with a stainless steel integrated bracelet.  The military hours on the GMT+ aree listed in between the home-time hours and the bezel, as opposed to the Colt GMT which shows the military hours on the interior of the home-time hours.  The model was made in a blue, black, gray and silver dial.

The Colt Automatic is a 41.1mm watch that was made in a black, blue or silver dial with stick hour markers and the date at three o’clock.  The model is water resistant to 1,650 feet and equipped with a screw-down crown.

The Colt Quartz is the same size as the automatic version, but features luminescent Arabic numerals as opposed to stick markers.  It also features the date at three o’clock and a screw-down crown.

The Colt Oceane is an extremely popular ladies model in a 33.2mm casesize.  The model features the date at three o’clock and luminescent hands.  The battery-operated model was made in a black, blue or silver dial.

So, which Aeromarine does it the most for you?


24 thoughts on “Family Series: The Aeromarine

  1. Clean lines, these models are of a pretty utilitarian design The Chrono Superocean has extra punch and is my favorite of this line.

  2. SuperOcean Heratige. Sweeeeet. Shrinking to a 42. Yippee. My only complaint is the logo on the dial, I like the wings, don’t know about the B. But Bronze on mesh, so cool.

  3. Absolutely love the COlt GMT. However, the SuperOceans are great also. Looking to pick up the SuperOcean II in hte near future.

    • Chrono Superocean for me. It’s very practical, yet still looks great. The Steelfish would be my second choice in the line.

  4. The SOH 46 is just sooooo sleek and comfortable on the rubber strap deployant combo. I wouldn’t trade it for any other Aero

  5. I have the Chrono Superocean, this watch just slams the competition into the ground. In a sporting context, it is like the either LA Lakers, or Man Utd!!!

    Everybody who has seen it react with their eyes popping out!

    Simply Awesome!

  6. Colt Auto, because it is my first Breitling, and it is currently on my wrist. Nothing wrong with a Breitling on the smallish side either.

    • Another toss-up for me. This time between the Chrono SuperOcean and the Chrono Colt. Solely due to the fact they have different colour sub dials. All awesome pieces throughout the lineup.

      ALSO, who else noticed that all Breitling photos have the time of 10:09. George, do you know why this is?

  7. All beautiful watches but for me the taker is the Super Avenger runner up would have to be the Super Ocean Heritage though.

  8. “10:09” has been adopted by the watch industry due to it framing the manufacturers logo on the dial (used for display purposes). I have also heard that it gives the

  9. I love the Superocean: It is a wonderful dive watch. Not flashy but highly functional. It doesn’t need to be babied, which gives me great peace of mind.

  10. My favorite is the SOH 46, no wait the Super Avenger BS, no wait the Superocean. Aarg, I have 3 watches in this series. Can I just vote for’em all? Ok, ok, ok, I’ll vote the SOH 46.

  11. Love the SuperOcean II I have it with the abyss Blue. It compliments my Chronomat GT and brings modern style to my collection. Breitling beats out all others

  12. Well I’ve got to say Ling lovers, its the SA Black steel for me! got mine 6 months ago still cant stop looking at it its a beautiful thing…

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