Heavy Metal

I ran Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run on Sunday and I am still outrageously sore today!  Note to self: Never run a ten-mile race without at least some sort of training beforehand. It certainly was a cool event to be a part of though.

While I was still walking pain free last Thursday, I met up with a bunch of watch enthusiasts for dinner and had the opportunity to check out some pretty sweet watches.  A representative for Jaeger LeCoultre was in attendance and he brought with him some of the brand’s new releases from this year’s SIHH.  I was very impressed!

The JLC watches that caught my eye the most were the black dial Master Chronograph, the rose gold Grande Reverso Ultra Thin and the Master Ultra Thin Moon.  All three models are absolutely gorgeous.  JLC is truly an incredible brand, having produced over 1,000 different calibers and over 300 different patents.

The showstopper of the night was a Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon, the most complicated and most expensive wristwatch in the world.  The movement inside of the Sky Moon consists of 686 parts.  The watch features a minute repeater with a tourbillon escapement, a perpetual calendar with a retrograde hand date, a sky chart, the sidereal time and the phase and orbit of the moon.  Not every day you see one of those bad boys!  What an insane watch!

At the end of the dinner, we put all of our watches on the table and took some photos.  Someone then yelled out, “Now that’s some heavy metal!”  It was awesome being a part of a group of people that shared such a high level of appreciation and passion for watches.  It is nights like this that confirm watches mean a lot more to some people than something that just shows the time.


4 thoughts on “Heavy Metal

  1. Thanks for your article. While I’ve never attended a “super high end gathering” (the Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillion is astonishing), to attend a get together of watch enthusiasts is an incredible experience. I feel there is “instant” camaraderie based upon our shared interest. Then, to go away… and after a year, return to the next get together is to pick up where one left off… almost as if it was yesterday. Fantastic people! You are right, a watch does something more than just shows time.

  2. It looks like you had a good time. The strap on your B&R really stands out on that watch shot. That Patek is amazing. How does the 1931 Reverso tribute watch wear? I’e never tried on a JLC Reverso but this one has really caught my eye.

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