Another Patek Gem

Any Patek Philippe annual calendar is extremely prestigious.  Patek is widely regarded as the best brand in the world, and their product is the top of the line.  The new Patek annual calendar coming out later this year is going to be particularly special, and I absolutely cannot wait to see it in person.

In addition to being an annual calendar that only needs to be reset every leap year, Patek Philippe Reference 5235 is a regulator.  Regulator watches are timepieces with hands positioned on different axes of the dial to enhance readability.  As you can see in the picture of the watch, there is only one center hand, which indicates the minutes.  The subdial at 12 o’clock then displays the hours, while the subdial at six o’clock shows the seconds.

The placement of the date, day and month round out the watch perfectly.  What a clean watch!  This Patek Philippe Caliber 31-260 movement is clearly no joke.  It has a micro-rotor, a 60-hour power reserve and is 2.43mm thin.  That is ridiculous!!!  I am sure the price tag will be pretty substantial for this 18kt white gold beast, but it is truly incredibly in many different ways.


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