Hourology Report

While Breitling is unquestionably one of my favorite brands, there are so many other companies in the watch industry that cannot go unnoticed.  Lately, more than ever, I have found myself focusing on models and stories involving other brands, so I figured it would only make sense to change the name of my blog.  Without a primary focus on Breitling, I will be able to discuss and elaborate on a greater range of topics that will be of intrigue to watch collectors and enthusiasts.  I hope to blog more frequently now and keep people entertained with the latest and greatest in the world of watches.  Thanks for following!

Along with the new name and look, there are also some new features including a Q&A section. Take a look around and don’t forget to “like” the Hourology Report facebook page and follow me on twitter.


4 thoughts on “Hourology Report

  1. Great idea changing the name to expand your topics! Breitlings are amazing watches, and my ultimate personal grail watch is a Breitling, but it will be nice to see what other products you feature in the future!

  2. Congratulations on your name change. Yes, this should allow for greater scope of the market. I look forward to the same highest standards of excellence, for which you are known, in your new venture.

    • Gerald, I greatly appreciate the kind words and your support. I will certainly try my best to keep people entertained!

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